Trust Transfer Factor Technology to optimize immune system function in companion animals and commercial livestock. While many products use rudimentary single ingredients known to aid immune health, Ramaekers Nutrition delivers the only immune support products harnessing Transfer Factors supported by a unique, patented blend of essential nutrients.

Just as colostrum transfers vital immune knowledge from mother to newborn, our Immune Primer formulas for livestock & horses and Veterinary Immune Tabs for dogs & cats use patented Transfer Factor technology to educate and activate the function of the patient's immune cells within hours and without side effects. Our Transfer Factors are derived from a proprietary blend of bioactive peptides extracted from bovine colostrum & egg yolks. This blend is combined with unique plant-derived heteropolysaccharides, lactic acid-producing probiotics, and highly bio-available micro-nutrients. The Synergy of this combination of ingredients enables the “immune intelligence" in our formulas to assist the patient in naturally producing an effective, rapid, and appropriate immune response when needed.