KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can be used as a tool to prolong the lives of geriatric dogs battling cancer Patient: Bear Age/Sex/Breed: 13 year old M/C Retriever Prior History: At their previous veterinarian a Spindle cell tumor was removed from … Read More

Round Cell Tumor

ROUND CELL TUMOR--PROBABLE HISTIOCYTOMA/ ATYPICAL PLASMACYTOMA KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can improve the patients response to tumor growth. Patients seem to demonstrate a variable therapeutic threshold for immune supplementation. Patient: Luke Age/Sex/Breed: 10 year old castrated male Rottweiler mix. Prior … Read More

Canine Hemangioma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can result in clinically evident tumor regression in as little 3 weeks Patient: Sofie Age/Sex/Breed: 11 year old spayed female Golden Retriever. Prior History: 1/31/12 - Sofie was presented with a 2.0cm X 2.0cm raised, bluish-red … Read More

Splenic Hemangiosarcoma

KEY POINTS: Profound Bone Marrow Response!! Natural Immunotherapy can be used to strengthen the pre-surgical patient Natural Immunotherapy offers another level of patient support often over looked in current veterinary tumor therapy protocols Patient: Toby Species: Terrier Mix Age: 13 … Read More

Pemphigus Foliaceus

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy is an effective option for canine autoimmune conditions of the skin The Immune Modulatory effects of the Veterinary Immune Tabs are often noticeable within 3 to 4 weeks Patient: Troon Age/Sex/Breed: 9 year old male Australian … Read More


PNEUMONIA /PULMONARY MASS KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy is often beneficial to been along with traditional antibiotic therapy Strengthening the immune response can enhance the therapeutic effects of drug therapy Patient: Riley Age/Sex/Breed: 4 year old female Yorkshire Terrier History: 12/21/2007 … Read More

Immune Mediated Ear Flap

IMMUNE MEDIATED EAR FLAP & TAIL VASCULITIS KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can be very helpful for auto-immune dermatitis Natural Immunotherapy is effective and safe immune modulation without side effects 12/28/10 Notice mild swelling and depigmentation around eyelids and muzzle 12/28/10 … Read More


PANCYTOPENIA (BONE MARROW DISEASE) KEY POINTS: Profound Bone Marrow Regeneration in less than 2 weeks!! Patient: Pokey Age/Sex/Breed: 11 year old spayed female Basset Mix Prior History: Pokey has experienced some ongoing allergic dermatitis. Current History: Scheduled to have several … Read More

Atypical Bone Lysis

Atypical Bone Lysis/Degenerative Joint Disease KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy supports overall general health in geriatric patients Natural Immunotherapy is an excellent adjunctive therapy to traditional arthritis medications The Veterinary Immune Tabs offer broad nutritional support for bone and joint problems … Read More