Just as colostrum transfers vital immune knowledge from mother to newborn, our Immune Primer formulas use patented Transfer Factor technology to educate and activate the function of the calf's immune cells within hours and without side effects. Our Transfer Factors are derived from a proprietary blend of bioactive peptides extracted from bovine colostrum & egg yolks. This blend is combined with unique plant-derived heteropolysaccharides, lactic acid producing probiotics and highly bio-available micro-nutrients. It is the Synergy of this combination of ingredients that enables the “immune intelligence" in our formulas to assist your newborn to naturally produce an effective, rapid and appropriate immune response.  

Advancements in technology often changes the methods we use to solve problems.
Natural Immunotherapy is just such a technology. Natural Immunotherapy is the science that educates the cattle's own immune system to fight viral and bacterial infections. Over the last 35 years, Ramaekers Nutrition has developed patented natural products that educate and greatly enhance immune system function in stressed cattle.

Our patented formulas provide the technology and opportunity for the newborn and adult ruminants to absorb the equivalent immune information and education found in 6 gallons of colostrum in an easy to deliver form. Our field veterinarians use these products as adjunctive and preventative therapy in treatment programs with or without antibiotics. The key to this approach is to modify the animals normal response to stress (increased cortisol production) and thus maintain a highly functional & vigilant immune system. Our studies prove that we can reduce the excessive cortisol release brought on by stress using a safe and economical product conveniently delivered at all stages of production.


Newborn Immune Primer is the multi-patented form of Ramaekers Nutrition Immunotherapy best suited for your newborn calves. Immune Primer holds a composition patent, a patent supporting up modulation of the immune system and patents pending for an increased response to vaccines & reducing cortisol levels during the stress response.

Immune Primer has the ability to increase the animal’s response to antibiotics and is our only antiviral agent available for practical field application. Our newer advanced formula has allowed for a smaller dose which is more cost effective with all of the advantages of the original product.

The dosage for the Phased Release Bollette is 2 Bollettes on Day 1

The dosage for the Powder is ½ oz. best given by drench Day 1, Day 2, Day 12.

The use of the Immune Primer Powder or Bollette causes a similar response that vaccine may produce: initial doses stimulate and up modulate the immune system for 12 to 14 days and also creates an amnestic (memory response). This means a third single dose further up modulates the immune system for an additional 14 days.

Immune Primer Powder or Bollettes increase the immune system response for 26 Days. This coverage mimics the 26 Day incubation period of Bovine Respiratory Disease (Shipping Fever). Not only does it increase immune system response it also is our only tool that is antiviral.

Immune Primer has been shown to produce a 450% vaccine enhancement response. It improved antibody production from our vaccine studies an average of 450% over baseline.

Immune Primer enhances the effectiveness of any antibiotic used with it. The animal’s response to treatment improves which allows for less antibiotic used with fewer retreats and chronics.

Immune Primer helps decrease or blunt the elevated cortisol levels (the stress hormone) caused by shipping, which helps maintain a healthy and normal functioning immune system.

Immune Primer by enhancing health improves genetic expression and improves performance e.g. fewer days on feed, less feed consumed, improved yield and grade.

The program to be effective is designed for all parts to work together: immune enhancement, vaccine enhancement, antiviral and nutrition. Only using one or two parts reduces the effectiveness and diminishes the results.


Trust Transfer Factor Technology

Trust Transfer Factor Technology to optimize immune system function in your newborns and young calves. While many products use rudimentary single ingredients known to aid immune health, Ramaekers Nutrition delivers the only immune support products harnessing Transfer Factors supported by a unique and patented blend of essential nutrients and powerful nutraceuticals.