Atypical Bone Lysis

Atypical Bone Lysis/Degenerative Joint Disease


  • Natural Immunotherapy supports overall general health in geriatric patients
  • Natural Immunotherapy is an excellent adjunctive therapy to traditional arthritis medications
  • The Veterinary Immune Tabs offer broad nutritional support for bone and joint problems

Patient: Melody

Age/Sex/Breed: 10 year old German Shepherd

“Melody” is a 10 year old German Shepherd presented with an acute lameness of the right carpus (wrist). Her general appearance was that of a chronically ill patient with a very unthrifty, dull hair coat, significant periodontal infection and non-febrile with all other physical findings within normal limits. There was no observed history of trauma. Even slight palpation of the carpus would elicit a bite response from her. The swelling around the wrist was golf ball sized with a nickel-sized area of granulation tissue in the center.

Radiographs were taken but other diagnostic tests were declined at this time by the owner. The radiographic interpretation revealed an inflammatory reaction and lysis (bone destruction) in the area of the attachment of the medial collateral ligaments. Joint effusion and degenerative changes of the radiocarpal (wrist) joint was noted. These findings suggest both an acute and chronic condition going on in this location. The possibility of tumor growth such as a fibrosarcoma could not be ruled out without biopsy.

9/19/08 - Veterinary Immune Tabs were started along with piroxicam and omega 3 fatty acids.

Follow up: The owners noticed a marked improvement in her overall appearance within two weeks.

10/15/08 - Re-exam one month later showed the general appearance of Melody had improved remarkably! There was a 100% turn around in her activity level and her hair coat had that “show dog” shine & feel. Despite the persistent swelling around her wrist she was completely non-painful on examination. At this time the Immune therapy regiment was changed slightly. Prior to this time, Melody was taking the Veterinary Immune Tabs on a daily basis. Now we decreased her to a maintenance dose of 4 days on and 3 days off every week.

1/26/09 - Follow up radiographs revealed no significant progression of the destructive (lytic) changes. Melody showed no lameness and the owners are thrilled with her recovery.

5/21/09 - Doing very well. No lameness or pain on palpation. We’re continuing both the Veterinary Immune Tabs maintenance dose and piroxicam every other day. Follow up x-rays showed continued remodeling and bone regeneration at the previously identified suspicious bony defect.

What I continue to see in my patients on the Veterinary Immune Tabs is a marked improvement in their overall appearance and health. I feel that the ingredients in this formula not only feed and support optimum immune function but also promote the general well being of the patient. I strongly encourage my clients to use this product as a preventative supplement to promote true overall wellness at any age. I have consistently witnessed very good responses in numerous patients with the use of Dr. Ramaekers’ blend of specialized bone and cartilage support nutrients. I regularly utilize the Veterinary Immune formula along with traditional anti-arthritic medications to get an enhanced clinical response in my patients.

Attending Veterinarian: Dr. Bob McClung


The base formula for Vet-I-Tabs of organic vitamins, organically-bound minerals, organic amino acids, and essential fatty acids has been developed over 40 years with extensive laboratory analysis . The formula is carefully balanced to address metabolic bone disease in all species – Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

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