Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame Solomon Solomon Xray 7/2004 Solomon Xray 6/2007 Solomon Xray 10/2007 KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy markedly slowed the progression of disease and gained over 3 extra years of life for this patient. Patient: Solomon Age/Sex/Breed: 11 … Read More


Patient: Mikey Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old neutered male Boston Terrier History & Diagnostics: 9/23/06 - Mikey was presented to the local emergency clinic for evidence of severe back pain and inability to climb stairs. Radiographs revealed mid-spine intervertebral disc disease … Read More

Possible Fibrosarcoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can provide a viable treatment option for clients that cannot afford traditional cancer therapy 60% mass reduction in 3 to 4 weeks Patient: Katie Age/Sex/Breed: 10 year old spayed female Terrier mix. History: 3/2/2006 - On … Read More

Intestinal Lymphosarcoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy is an important part of patient support during chemotherapy Patient: Ivan Age/Sex/Breed: 7 year old neutered male Borzoi History: Ivan had a prolonged history of weight loss and intestinal symptoms. Diagnostics: 3/7/2007 - Abdominal ultrasound revealed … Read More

Oral Malignant Melanoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy provided an economical option for these owners to prolong Gunner's life Natural Immunotherapy offers another therapy option for pet owners that opt to not use chemotherapy and radiation following surgical debulking Natural Immunotherapy started at time … Read More

Sebaceous Epithelioma

Sebaceous Epithelioma--Intermediate Malignancy KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can help the patient's immune system shrink skin tumors Natural Immunotherapy usually shows clinical response in 3 to 4 weeks Patient: Enzo Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old male Husky Mix Prior History: Enzo is … Read More

Lytic Bone Lesion

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy is an important adjunctive therapy for destructive bone lesions Patient: Cleo Age/Sex/Breed: 9 year old spayed female Greyhound History: 8/5/2002 - Cleo presented with firm swelling of the left front leg. Radiographs revealed a destructive bone … Read More

Thyroid Tumor

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy offers another mode of tumor therapy when chemo, radiation or surgery aren't options Natural Immunotherapy is very safe and economical when compared to traditional therapy options Patient: Choco Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old, male Chocolate Lab Prior … Read More