Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame Solomon Solomon Xray 7/2004 Solomon Xray 6/2007 Solomon Xray 10/2007 KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy markedly slowed the progression of disease and gained over 3 extra years of life for this patient. Patient: Solomon Age/Sex/Breed: 11 … Read More


Patient: Mikey Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old neutered male Boston Terrier History & Diagnostics: 9/23/06 - Mikey was presented to the local emergency clinic for evidence of severe back pain and inability to climb stairs. Radiographs revealed mid-spine intervertebral disc disease … Read More

Possible Fibrosarcoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can provide a viable treatment option for clients that cannot afford traditional cancer therapy 60% mass reduction in 3 to 4 weeks Patient: Katie Age/Sex/Breed: 10 year old spayed female Terrier mix. History: 3/2/2006 - On … Read More

Intestinal Lymphosarcoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy is an important part of patient support during chemotherapy Patient: Ivan Age/Sex/Breed: 7 year old neutered male Borzoi History: Ivan had a prolonged history of weight loss and intestinal symptoms. Diagnostics: 3/7/2007 - Abdominal ultrasound revealed … Read More