Newborn Immune Primer Original can increase the animal’s response to antibiotics and is our only antiviral agent available for practical field application. This newer advanced formula has allowed for a smaller dose which is more cost-effective with all of the advantages of the original product.

Newborn Immune Primer Original

Directions: 1/2 oz. per head, given by drench, Day 1, Day 2, Day 12.

About this Item:

  • Newborn Immune Primer Original is bulk powder and can be ordered from 6 oz. to 50 lbs. The dosage is ½ oz. per head.
  • Following Dr. Ramaekers's belief in providing the best quality products, this product is GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy free.
  • Newborn Immune Primer Original is best suited for your newborn calves and can be used up to 8 weeks of age.

Specific Uses For Product:

  • Increased response to vaccines/antibiotics educates the immune system about all pathogens and reduces cortisol levels during the stress response.
  • The initial dose stimulates and upmodulates the immune system for 12 to 14 days and creates an amnestic (memory response).
  • A third single dose further upmodulates the immune system for an additional 14 days, increasing the immune system response by 26 days.

Product Description: The Newborn Immune Primer Original formula holds the following credentials:

  • A composition patent,
  • A patent supporting up modulation of the immune system,
  • And patents pending for an increased response to vaccines and reducing cortisol levels during the stress response.


  • Newborn Immune Primer Original can increase the animal’s response to antibiotics and is our only antiviral agent available for practical field application.
  • This Original Primer has been shown to produce a 450% vaccine enhancement response. It improved antibody production from our vaccine studies by an average of 450% over baseline. 
  • Primer enhances the effectiveness of any antibiotic used with it. The animal’s response to treatment improves, allowing for less antibiotic use, with fewer retreats and chronics. 
  • Helps decrease or blunt the elevated cortisol levels (the stress hormone) caused by shipping, weaning, etc., which helps maintain a healthy and normal functioning immune system.
  • Enhances health, improves genetic expressions, and improves performance, e.g., ADG, fewer days on feed, less feed consumed, and improved yield and grade.

This product is for cattle only — not for sheep. (For sheep, order this product without minerals.)

Bovine Sales and Consulting

Our Patented Products Stand at the Forefront of Immune System Enhancement.

Sales and nutritional consulting. Dr. Slagle educates and consults veterinarians, producers, and growers on the application and function of immune-enhancing products in veterinary medicine.

Let him help you learn how to approach animal wellness with immunotherapy. Our patented products are safe, healthy, effective, natural, and good for the environment.

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Our goal at Ramaekers Nutrition is to increase your bottom line and free yourself from the endless merry-go-round of drugs and failures. Contact Dr. Steve Slagle (below) for bovine sales and consulting.

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Wellness & Support

Cows and Cattle

Cows and Cattle

Wean Safe. Travel Safe.

Avoid shipping fever by informing the correct immune response.

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Protect your investment on the front side — decrease losses on the backside.

Newborn Calves

Newborn Calves

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Prevent scours and attain higher weaning weights.

Show Cattle Reproduction

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Improve flushing returns or increase reproductive rates.

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Stockers and Feeders

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Start feeder cattle on the right foot and help them gain faster.

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