Meet Dr. Ramaekers

Ramaekers Nutrition is a forerunner in veterinary nutrition and immune enhancement. In fact, through extensive research, he and his team have made revolutionary breakthroughs in managing animal health. Ramaekers Nutrition is a privately owned company that formulates and manufactures a full line of veterinary nutrition products. As a result, the Ramaekers product line includes customized proprietary formulas for all species, including canine, feline, equine, bovine, porcine, caprine, and avian.

Nutritional Approach to Animal Health

Since opening his veterinary practice in Santa Cruz, California, Dr. Ramaekers has had a great interest in the nutritional approach to animal health. In fact, he began his research in 1969. At this time, he began to identify nutritional deficiencies and toxicities. He performed extensive environmental analyses; he studied soil and water, hair analyses, blood chemistries, and nutrient analyses. Specifically, he found that he could prevent many daily veterinary problems through balanced nutrition. Along the road of preventative medicine, he discovered many nutrients with powerful medicinal value. Simultaneously, this approach enabled him to use less allopathic medicine in areas where veterinarians faced significant secondary medical problems from the extensive use of traditional medicine.

Dr. Joseph C. Ramaekers DVM is the founder and CEO of Ramaekers Nutrition.

Transfer Factor

Dr. Ramaekers was one of the first in his field to incorporate nutrients. He used nutrients such as superoxide dismutase, octacosanol, glucosamine chondroitin, methyl sulfanyl methane, boswellic acid, and glacial montmorillonite. In 1999, Dr. Ramaekers began working with immune enhancement products. For example, transfer factor and unique heteropolysaccharides, such as hybrid cordyceps mushrooms. Now specializing in complementary medicine, his current work focuses on providing immune support to "feed the army of natural defense." Ramaekers Nutrition's proprietary formulas facilitate white blood cell function and efficiency through immune modulation. Thus enhancing the immune system's ability to fight disease.

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Ramaekers Nutrition is a forerunner in veterinary nutrition and immune enhancement. Ramaekers' nutritional supplements are all-natural, organic, and safe for all domesticated animal species.

Animal Supplements

Formulating a supplement to address all health issues, such as immunotherapy and metabolic bone disease, requires extensive research and, more importantly, client feedback to address the changing climate of preventive medicine.

Formulator and Manufacturer

Ramaekers Nutrition has been the formulator and manufacturer of all of the animal line of Transfer Factor products for 4Life research for over 20 years, producing products like 4Life Canine Complete, Feline Complete, Animal Stress Pack, Livestock Stress Formula, and Equine Transfer Factor Performance and Show.

Disease Challenges

Dr. Ramaekers, Dr. Rick Bennet, Ph.D., and Dr. Bill Burlingame, DVM, hosted animal wellness calls monthly for 20 years, sponsored by 4Life Research. During this time, they engaged thousands of 4Life clients from the United States and International audiences. The twenty-year interactive call produced a library of information.

Dr. Ramaekers used this information to adjust his product formulations to meet disease challenges in the USA and Internationally, benefiting traveling animal companions.

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Organic Ingredients

Dr. Ramaekers also strives to use the highest quality all-natural and organic ingredients in his formulas. The superior nutrient density of organic ingredients is well documented. Furthermore, Dr. Ramaekers supports environmentally friendly production practices. As a matter of fact, when he is not practicing veterinary medicine or consulting on veterinary nutrition, Dr. Ramaekers works at his privately owned organic kiwi farm. The farm is located in Aptos, CA. Dr. Ramaekers has been an organic farmer for over 30 years. Many of the products offered by Ramaekers Nutrition are certified organic or listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute.

Research & Development

Ramaekers Nutrition provides the highest quality nutritional and immune support products through ongoing research and development. Ramaekers Nutrition has designed products to meet both maintenance and therapeutic needs. The current research has yielded tremendous success in his cases. The most compelling evidence is concerning cancers (benign and malignant tumors). Not to mention autoimmune conditions, hypersensitivity reactions, dermatitis (allergic, bacterial, and fungal), Cushing's disease, lenticular sclerosis, arthritis & pain management. Additionally, weight management, metabolic bone disease, stress & anxiety disorders, EPM, fertility, feed efficiency, and morbidity/mortality.

Veterinary Nutrition

The development of Veterinary Immune Tabs for canine and feline use has had a major impact on the veterinary approach to managing canine and feline health. Veterinary Immune Tabs is a proprietary blend of nutrients and immune modulators. For one thing, the Immune Tabs are balanced at maintenance and therapeutic levels to address various developmental stages and health issues. That is to say, the tabs have been used in thousands of successful cases. Please visit our Case Studies and Products pages for additional information on the Veterinary Immune Tabs.


Healing Animals with Nutrition

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Meet Dr. Ramaekers

All the products offered by Ramaekers Nutrition reflect a culmination of over 50 years of global research and clinical experience. Dr. Ramaekers and his team of veterinarians are passionate about improving animal welfare. He is proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and nutrition.

The United States and International Patents protect Ramaekers Nutrition products. These Compositions are for Treating Animal Diseases and Syndromes. Including "a method of treating Cushing's syndrome, Cushing's disease, benign tumors, onchocerciasis, hypothyroidism, and equine protozoal myelitis," pending patents for fertility; and Summary of the Invention including "a method of treating inflammation and ulcers; ... treating flea bite dermatitis, feline leukemia; ... treating strangles, chronic dust allergen cough; ... treating lymphopenia; ... and reducing morbidity...."

Bovine Wellness & Support

Increase your bottom line. Let us help you free yourself from the endless merry-go-round of drugs and failures.

Cows and Cattle

Cows and Cattle

Wean Safe. Travel Safe.

Avoid shipping fever by informing the correct immune response.

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Protect your investment on the front side — decrease losses on the backside.

Newborn Calves

Newborn Calves

Jumpstart Newborns.

Prevent scours and attain higher weaning weights.

Show Cattle Reproduction

Optimize Reproduction.

Improve flushing returns or increase reproductive rates.

Stockers and Feeders

Stockers and Feeders

Avoid Sick Treatment and Death Loss.

Start feeder cattle on the right foot and help them gain faster.

Immune System Enhancement

Ramaekers Nutrition's products stand at the forefront of Immune System Enhancement for Treating Animal Diseases and Syndromes. Our products are proven effective and PROTECTED UNDER U.S. PATENTS.

Immune Support Products

At Ramaekers Nutrition, we believe medicine is the science of disease, and nutrition is the science of health. Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help answer questions.

Canine Health Supplements. A vigilant and responsive immune system is vital in promoting health and wellness. We developed nutritional supplements for dogs that emphasize immune education, immune modulation, and broad-based dietary support for the patient.

Canine Products

Feline Health Supplements. A vigilant and responsive immune system is vital in promoting health and wellness. We developed nutritional supplements for cats that emphasize immune education, immune modulation, and broad-based dietary support for the patient.

Feline Products

Equine Health. We Offer Effective Substitutes For Traditional Western Medicine Approaches To Therapy and Prevention. Shop Our Custom Line Of Equine Products.

Equine Products

Bovine Health. Cattle Feed. Educate and activate the immune cell function in your herd. Free yourself from an endless merry-go-round of drugs and failures.

Bovine Products

Other Live Stock Health. Optimize the immune system function in your commercial livestock. A vigilant and responsive immune system is vital in promoting health.

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