Our mission. Ramaekers Nutrition's mission is to develop natural nutritional products that facilitate improved therapeutic results in veterinary medicine for all domesticated species. A more integrative approach to traditional Western medicine practices that reduce antibiotics and growth enhancement products and instead focuses on immune modulation and the use of natural products from our food chain and environment.

  • A robust immune system is the most potent protective and defensive mechanism available to any species. Antibiotics do not directly treat infections but rather stagnate or reduce viral or bacterial loads until our natural host defenses (immune cells) can restore the body to normal health.
  • For the past 42 years, Ramaekers Nutrition has focused on developing products that train immune cells to recognize pathogens and to function more effectively and efficiently in eradicating pathogens from the body. We harvest educational molecules called transfer factors, a cellular polypeptide, from dairy colostrum and avian egg yolks and combine these with glucans derived from medically powerful organic mushrooms and micro-fractions of the yeast cell walls. Transfer factors are the body's cellular immune memory molecules. They transfer information and educate the newborn's immune system to every pathogen that the dairy cow and chicken have ever come into contact with, which is estimated to be over 4000 pathogens. Glucans act as a driver and activator to awaken the immune cells to receive this education. These peptides and glucans are supported by a comprehensive complex of lactic acid-producing probiotics, vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids in addition to neutraceuticals such as MSM, glucosamine, curcuminoids, Perna canaliculus, Boswellia acids, and chondroitins.
  • We promote a balance of medicine and nutrition that meets the public demand that we lessen our dependence on antibiotics and growth-promoting implants. Furthermore, we are addressing the increasing level of antibiotic resistance and extending the life of these valuable pharmaceuticals by reducing their overuse and routine application.
  • We have devoted the past ten years to develop a comprehensive delivery system that minimizes labor in the commercial sector allowing for less frequent administration that saves time and money.
  • Our products are proven effective and all protected under U. S. patents.
  • Ramaekers Nutrition devotes most of its budget to research in veterinarian-directed field studies, formal university studies, and documenting anecdotal testimonies from our companion animal and commercial livestock users. We strive to promote integrative medicine into our commercial livestock agriculture and companion animals therapy protocols. We focus on what nature provides us to support a natural and less harmful method of managing disease and, most importantly, our mission, promoting The State of Wellness.