Ramaekers Nutrition supports a natural, less harmful method of managing disease and promoting wellness — See some of our amazing patients!

Featured pet, Heinrich. Cancer patient.


Cancer Patient

Vet Immune Professional Tabs help our featured pet, Heinrich. He has a cancerous mass on his Bahihyoid Bone. Read more

Featured pet, Money. Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.


Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Complete+ Immune Support Powder is a powerful tool in Money's treatment. Read more

Featured pet, Harlee. Vibrant and Healthy.


Vibrant & Healthy

Complete+ Immune Support Powder helps our featured pet, Harlee, live a vibrant and healthy life. Read more
Featured Pet Lulu


Cancer Patient

Vet Immune Chews helped our featured pet, LuLu, enjoy a quality of life during her cancer experience. Read more

Featured Pet Rex.


Overcame Paralysis

Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs helped Rex overcome paralysis and increased his life by three years. Read more

Featured Pet Finn


Disease Free

Professional Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs helped Finn free himself from disease. Read more

Featured Pet Icelandic

My Icelandic

Enlarged Thyroid

"His enlarged thyroid shrunk!" See how Equine Transfer Factor Premix Pellets help this Icelandic. Read more
Featured Pet Gigi


Cancer Patient

Our Professional Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs help Gigi live his best life. Read more

Featured Pet(s) Cherry & Lito

Lito & Cherry

Radiant Health with Supplements

Lifelong users of Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs and Vet Immune P Powder have helped our patients, Lito & Cherry, overcome various ailments. Read more

Featured Pet Ruger


Inflammation & Discomfort

"I took her off the Tramadol and went to visit Dr. Ramaekers. He started her on Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs and Vet Immune P Powder for joint pain." Read more
Featured pet, Austin.


Vet Immune Tabs help him feel better

"Austin is doing great on the Veterinary Immune Tabs. He is playing with his toys again and going for longer walks. He also has his temper back!!"