Supports livestock during crucial production stage stresses. Newborn Stress Premix helps to quickly educate and activate immune cells during the stress response.

Newborn Stress Premix

About this Item:

  • Newborn stress premix is for the animal's maintenance of its immune intelligence. When we stage the immune system with a hefty dose of bio-actives, the immune system only needs small reminders to maintain vigilance.
  • We load the initial 48 hours with a high bio-active dose, then maintain with newborn stress premix. Newborns do not require encapping with a lipid coat as these calves are not ruminating until 45 days of age. When rumination starts, rumen flora destroys the transfer factor, glucans, and carbohydrates. Thus, we must put a fat coating around this peptide and carbohydrate to ensure it passes the rumen into the lower gut for absorption.
  • Following Dr. Ramaekers's belief in providing the best quality products, this product is GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy free.
  • Newborn Stress Premix is best suited for your newborn calves.

Specific Uses For Product:

  • Supports livestock during crucial production stage stresses. Newborn Stress Premix helps to educate and activate immune cells during the stress response quickly.

Product Description:

Newborn Stress Premix: As cattle respond to stress across crucial production stages, their immune systems are weakened, predisposing them to infection and disease. Newborn Immune Primer, Adult Immune Primer, and Preconditioned Premix formulas act quickly to educate and activate immune cells as cattle respond to stress.


  • Helping newborn calves, weaned calves, breeding stock, cattle for transport, and cattle on feed to wage an appropriate immune response to stress.
  • This response enables their immune systems to fight the threat of infection and disease. With stress in check and “gab immunity” in place, cattle sustain a state of wellness. The state of wellness makes nutrition programs and standard health protocols more effective.

Ramaekers Nutrition believes that livestock with a better state of sub-clinical health will be more able to maximize and express their genetic potential.

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Sales and nutritional consulting. Dr. Slagle educates and consults veterinarians, producers, and growers on the application and function of immune-enhancing products in veterinary medicine.

Let him help you learn how to approach animal wellness with immunotherapy. Our patented products are safe, healthy, effective, natural, and good for the environment.

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Wellness & Support

Cows and Cattle

Cows and Cattle

Wean Safe. Travel Safe.

Avoid shipping fever by informing the correct immune response.

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Protect your investment on the front side — decrease losses on the backside.

Newborn Calves

Newborn Calves

Jumpstart Newborns.

Prevent scours and attain higher weaning weights.

Show Cattle Reproduction

Optimize Reproduction.

Improve flushing returns or increase reproductive rates.

Stockers and Feeders

Stockers and Feeders

Avoid Sick Treatment and Death Loss.

Start feeder cattle on the right foot and help them gain faster.

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