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Our Patented Products Stand at the Forefront of Immune System Enhancement.

Ramaekers Nutrition uses all-natural, organic, and safe methods to address disease challenges for all domesticated animal species. Our products help support your pet's immune system and health.

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All of our products are proven effective and protected under U.S. patents. We focus on what nature provides us to support a natural, less harmful method of managing disease and promoting The State of Wellness.

Medicine Is the Science of Disease. Nutrition Is the Science of HEALTH.

Animal Supplements

There's a New Frontier in Animal Health

At Ramaekers Nutrition, our patented products stand at the forefront of immune system enhancement. Here, formulas are pioneered, along with results. Harnessing breakthroughs in Transfer Factor Technology, we educate immune cells and enhance their function. Veterinarians gain more from their health protocols, and animals thrive—averting disease, avoiding treatment, and attaining wellness, naturally.

  • Research proven
  • Biologically fast-acting
  • Safe, not synthetic
  • Approved for all-natural livestock programs
  • Perfect for pet owners looking for natural therapy and prevention
New Frontier Animal Health

Dr. Ramaekers Discusses Finding The Right Vet

Ramaekers Nutrition is a forerunner in veterinary nutrition and immune enhancement. Ramaekers' nutritional supplements are all-natural, organic, and safe for all domesticated animal species.

Animal Supplements

Formulating a supplement to address all health issues, such as immunotherapy and metabolic bone disease, requires extensive research and, more importantly, client feedback to address the changing climate of preventive medicine.

Formulator and Manufacturer

Ramaekers Nutrition has been the formulator and manufacturer of all of the animal line of Transfer Factor products for 4Life research for over 20 years producing products like 4Life Canine Complete, Feline Complete, Animal Stress Pack, Livestock Stress Formula, and Equine Transfer Factor Performance and Show.

Disease Challenges

Dr. Ramaekers, Dr. Rick Bennet, Ph.D., and Dr. Bill Burlingame, DVM, hosted animal wellness calls monthly for 20 years, sponsored by 4Life Research. During this time, they engaged thousands of 4Life clients from the United States and International audiences. The twenty-year interactive call produced a library of information.

Dr. Ramaekers used this information to adjust his product formulations to meet disease challenges in the USA and Internationally, benefiting traveling animal companions.

I am passionate about formulating my products using a holistic approach. I believe medicine is the science of disease, and Nutrition Is the Science of Health.

Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

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