Bovine Vaccine Titer Enhancement

Bovine Vaccine Titer Enhancement

October 2009 Willow Creek Farms, Tiffin, Ohio


  • Enhancing the effectiveness of cell-mediated immunity is a necessary supportive therapy for deep abscessation
bovine_chart1. Bovine Vaccine Titer Enhancement.
bovine_chart2. Bovine Vaccine Titer Enhancement.


In October 2009, 45 steers from Zanesville, Ohio, were delivered to Willow Creek Farms in Tiffin, Ohio, owned by Dr. Robert McClung.

The steers were gate-cut into 3 groups

  • Twenty heads were tagged with ODD numbers. They received the Standard Livestock Stress Stable,
  • Twenty heads were tagged with EVEN numbers. They received the SLOW RELEASE Livestock Stress Stable and
  • Five tagged controls to receive placebos.

The Standard group received the product on days 1, 2, and 12, the slow-release group received the product on days 1 and 12, and the controls received placebos on days 1, 2, and 12.

  • On day 1, all cattle received the same worming and vaccine protocols. In addition, all cattle received a porcine, slow-release parvovirus and 5-way leptospirosis vaccine by Solid Tech Bacterin.
  • All cattle were bled on day 0 for porcine parvovirus and leptospirosis baseline titers.
  • On day 12, all cattle received standard vaccine boosters, and the study groups received their second dose of RB LSSS.
  • On days 21 and 42, all cattle were bled and weighed.

Observations by Dr. McClung:

  • By the second day, ALL of the Treated calves had suddenly stopped bawling and were feeding.
  • On days 3 & 4, compared to the controls, all the treated cattle had full bellies and appeared much more active.
  • On day 10, some of the groups were visibly depressed and starting to show respiratory signs.
  • By day 12, 8 of the Standard RB group and 3 of the Slow Release group had respiratory signs.
  • On day 16, Dr. McClung mass-treated the Standard group with antibiotics and 2 of the Slow Release group.
  • On day 21, Dr. McClung repeated the RB group's antibiotics and re-bled all cattle in the study.

After suspecting a vaccine failure and consulting with the manufacturer, Dr. McClung sent in titers for IBR PI3 BVD BRSV. The manufacturer also suspected a vaccine failure or virus mutations. This was the first time in 5 years that Dr. McClung had problems with immune supplementation and vaccine response.

  • On day 42, all cattle were re-bled and weighed.

Bovine Vaccine Titer Enhancement


  • Essentially, all cattle in the study had zero starting titers for the swine vaccines
  • Both viral and bacterial components of the vaccines responded very strongly to Natural Immune Supplementation, ranging from a 320% to 500% increase in titers
  • Also discovered was a delayed loss of vaccine immunity or a Prolonged Duration of Immunity.


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