Calf Stress Reduction Study

Performed by: Dr Bob McClung, Tiffin, Ohio


Twelve head of local sale barn calves (singles ranging from 350 to 511 pounds) were evaluated in a 60 day study. Four non-castrated bull calves and eight heifers were bought and transported to the local veterinarian for processing. Six calves were randomly selected for the treatment group and six for the control group. All calves received antibiotic treatment with Dura Penn. Calves were wormed, castrated, etc. The six calves in the treatment group received Ramaekers Stocker/Adult Immune Primer on days 1, 2, 3 and 12. Blood samples were taken am and pm on days 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12. All samples were sent to the local veterinary lab to test for cortisol, T4 and insulin.

The results revealed a 46% reduction in cortisol levels for the treated calves compared with controls. Diurnal rhythm was improved 43%, T4 function as improved 28% by day 5. At 60 days, the treatment calves had a 60 pound advantage per head over the control calves.

Calf stress graph
Calf stress graph
Calf stress graph

SUMMARY: Decreasing the stress response(lowered cortisol levels) leads to improved immune function which results in improved weight gains and profits. This is a pivotal study in our field research which emphasizes the importance of preemptive and preventative natural immunotherapy to help prevent disease, promote health and in turn improve profits. This is what separates our products from anything currently on the market today!!

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