Canine Hemangioma


  • Natural Immunotherapy can result in clinically evident tumor regression in as little 3 weeks

Patient: Sofie
Age/Sex/Breed: 11 year old spayed female Golden Retriever.

Prior History:
1/31/12 - Sofie was presented with a 2.0cm X 2.0cm raised, bluish-red dermal mass on her right forearm just below her elbow.

1/31/12 - A fine needle aspirate was performed but was inconclusive due to hemo-dilution.
2/2/2012 - A wedge biopsy was performed and confirmed a hemangioma

2/2/12 - Veterinary Immune Tabs were started at 4 tabs per day.

Follow up:
2/14/12 - The tumor had enlarged to 3.0cm X 2.5cm but the tumor seemed much more freely moveable and the peripheral borders were more distinct.
2/29/12 - The tumor is continuing to regress down to 2.5cm X 2.5cm, is more freely moveable, is softer, is less sensitive for the patient and the bluish-red color is fading.
5/7/12 -The tumor is now more freely moveable with the ability to place my fingers completely beneath the tumor. Surgical removal would now be much easier leading to complete primary surgical closure.


  • Natural Immunotherapy for tumor growths is always my frontline therapy after getting a confirmed diagnosis.
  • I predict that someday tumor regression therapy will be accepted as Standard of Care in veterinary medicine prior to surgical intervention for tumors.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame

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