Central California Dairy Cattle Trial


  • 100% Reduction in Calf Mortality
  • Improved Milk Production
  • Reached Breeding weight 2 months earlier
  • OMRI Listed Product

This study took place in Oakdale, California with two dairys located 5 miles apart. Both operations have very similar genetics, use the same calf raiser and have had similar illness and death rates for their calves over many years. Ramaekers Livestock Stress Stable (LSSS) was delivered to both operations on the same day. Dairy A did not use the product at all and Dairy B used the product as directed.

During the study period of October 15, 2002 to January 20, 2003, Dairy A transported 180 calves (30 died) and Dairy B transported 181 calves

Follow up: After 4 years of tracking this group of treated calves using Dairy Comp 305 the dairyman noticed several important points:

    • This group of heifers calved at 22 months vs. 24 months in the heifers that he purchased from outside sources
    • The study heifers produced on average 2000 pounds more milk per year
    • These numbers equated to this producer getting one free year of production every 6 years
    • These dramatic improvements in herd health seen with immune supplementation encouraged him to become a certified organic dairy.


Starting Early Immune Education, especially in newborns, greatly decreases illness leading to improved profits, improved growth rates and greatly improved overall performance.

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