Cushing's Disease


  • Natural Immunotherapy offers another effective therapy option for this condition
  • Immune Modulation seems to address this hormonal condition on a much broader scale than drug therapy

Patient: Karagen
Age/Breed/Sex: 25 year old Arabian Gelding

Karagen suffered from early signs of Cushings Disease. He had a poor hair coat, unthrifty hoof health and poor muscular condition.

6/27/2002 - The cortisol rhythm was 1% (normals > 30%) and the T4 was 9.3 (normals 12-40ng/ml).

6/27/2002 - Ramaekers Equine Immune Formula was started on a daily basis and retesting of the lab values were scheduled for about 3 months later.

Follow up:
9/19/2002 - Lab values showed significant improvements and were both back to normal!! The cortisol rhythm increased to 51% with the T4 at 14.7ng/ml. Karagen's physical conditioned had improved dramatically and his owners were very satisfied.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

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