Don Bond Feedlot Study

Evaluation of profit for sixty cow herd of black angus located in Vernon Texas. These calves are in the Coleman natural beef program where a bonus of 100 dollars plus 35 dollars from the Certified Angus Beef Association for non use of antibiotics. Don Bond has history for four years from the same genetics of his 60 cow herd to evaluate the effect of STOCKER/ADULT IMMUNE PRIMER.

Product was given at weaning at the rate of one ounce daily for three days along with routine processing, vaccination, castrating and worming. Calves were back-grounded for roughly six weeks before traveling to the local feedlot for finishing. Don Bond retains ownership and has provided complete records for the past four years with closeout comparisons. I have calculated the financial advantage for the use of STOCKER/ADULT IMMUNE PRIMER on a per head basis.

This year on product 3 year average Financial advantage
% grading choice( calculating 12 cents per pound bonus for choice vs select on 1300 pound animal) 92.7 85.3 $11.54
Certified angus beef bonus for choice $2.59
Dressing % (calculating $1.36 per pound hot carcass) 61.7 62.8 <$11.96>
%sick and treated with antibiotics ( Calculated at 1.5 treatments at $20 dollars per treat) 6 21.3 $4.59
% death loss (calculated at 500 pound animal at $1.35 per pound) 1.6 1.96 $3.06
Medical cost ( antibiotic cost ) $1.22 $7.51 $6.19
Average daily gain( calculated on 800 # of gain) 3.16 2.83 $83.49
Yard cost savings on 30 days( 253 on feed vs. 283 days at $.25 cents per day) $7.50
Coleman dropout and CAB loss at $135 per head because of use of antibiotics. $20.65
TOTAL $127.61
Subtract cost of five ounces of product ( $7.00 per ounce ) -$35.00
Net profit per head advantage $92.61
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