Equine Strangles Study 2004


  • Natural Immunotherapy can potentiate the clinical effects of antibiotic therapy by improving cell-mediated immunity
  • Enhanced Cell-Mediated immunity can more effectively penetrate abscessed & granulomatous type tissue

This ranch in Eastern Washington has been battling strangles for years. This study was conducted on a closed herd of 29 horses with acute and chronic hot strept equi infections with abscessation and weight loss.

The Study:
The horses were randomly assigned to a control group (14 head) and the treatment group (15 head). Physical exams were performed, body weights and general physical findings were recorded on Day 0 and Day 40.

Ultrasound was used to evaluate the degree of abscessation on Day 0 and Day 40. All of the horses received an autogenous bacterin and antibiotic therapy(Baytril). The treatment group received the Ramaekers Equine Immune Formula on a daily basis.

The treatment group showed a weight gain averaging 39 pounds vs. 20 pounds for the control group. On physical exam at the end of the study the attending veterinarian noted a marked improvement in the general physical condition and health of treatment group.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

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