• Natural Immunotherapy can be used as a tool to prolong the lives of geriatric dogs battling cancer

Patient: Bear
Age/Sex/Breed: 13 year old M/C Retriever

Prior History:
At their previous veterinarian a Spindle cell tumor was removed from the left flank in 8/2005. Second surgical excision on 10/2007 of a left paralumbar mass was determined to be a Myxoid Nerve Sheath tumor. Numerous widespread SQ masses. Prior blood profiles WNL.

Current History:
Presented at our office for a 3rd opinion on tumor growth. Vital signs were WNL. The is a large, multi-lobulated mass (4cm X 3 cm) growing in the left paralumbar area. There were also numerous, widespread SQ masses. There is a long history of ear disease with some hotspots.

2/05/08 - Blood profile & U/A WNL. Fine needle aspirates of 15 tumor sites performed. Chest & abdominal x-rays-WNL. All FNAs were either lipomas or sebaceous cysts. The tumor in question was read out as a Spindle cell tumor.

2/5/08 - Due to the previous history, I started the Veterinary Immune Tabs. We also suggested a consult with a board certified surgeon &/or oncologist.

3/28/08 - We surgically removed the tumor in the left paralumbar area. A post surgical biopsy revealed a Fibromyxosracoma with a low grade malignancy that did extend to the surgical borders. The surgical site healed properly. Again, the owner declined an oncology consult or radiation therapy.

Follow up:
7/14/08 - The left lumbar mass has regrown and measures 8cm X 4.5cm. At this point we increased the dose of the Veterinary Immune Tabs and are following the case. Bear is physically in great condition. We will continue to follow this case and provide updates.

bearVITcaseAssessment - In a dog with the history of recurrent ear disease and hotspots, I would have definitely started the Veterinary Immune Tabs years ago. The chronic skin issues suggests to me an underlying immune dysfunction which warrants proactive Natural Immunotherapy. In my experience over the past 6 years of using this supplement, I've seen many situations where we have shrunken and/or markedly slowed the progression of tumors. We also tend to have a very positive effect on patients with recurrent infections and allergies of the skin.

Bear's owners were very happy that he could have another 2 years of Quality life while keeping the tumor in check with the Veterinary Immune Tabs.

Attending clinician: Bill Burlingame DVM

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