Immune Mediated Ear Flap Dermatitis


  • Natural Immunotherapy seems to have a potent anti-inflammatory effect for chronic dermatitis cases
  • Natural Immunotherapy offers the client on a limited budget an effective and viable therapy option for difficult skin conditions

Patient: Lilly
Age/Sex/Breed: 8 year old spayed female Beagle Mix
Immune mediated vasculitis, Pemphigus Foliaceus

11/28/08 - Lilly was presented with scabs, ulcers and crusting on the borders of the ear flaps
Diagnostics: Declined by the owner

11/28/08 - Veterinary Immune Tabs started
1/07/09 - Re-examination revealed an estimated 60% overall improvement in the lesions of the ear flap. The owner can now gently clean the ear flaps without causing pain and the borders seem drier and less inflamed.

The owners were very pleased with the therapy outcome and continued Lilly on a maintenance dosage of 3 tabs daily given 3 times per week.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bob McClung

Lilly 11.28.08
Lilly 11.28.08
Lilly 1.7.09
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