Immune Mediated Ischemic Dermatopathy


  • Natural Immunotherapy can help to modify or suppress the immune response in dermatitis cases
  • Natural Immunotherapy provides another option to clients to address allergic or immune based skin disorders

Patient: Sallie
Age/Sex/Breed: 7 year old Pomeranian Mix

Prior History
Sallie is a 7 year old Pomeranian mix. Sallie was first examined May '07 by her previous veterinarian with a history of chronic ear disease, chronic periodontal disease and constantly licking her paws. Prior vaccine status was recorded as current. She initially responded well to a low dose oral steriod/antihistamine combination medication. Re-examination in December of 2007 revealed a progressive otitis externa and generalized itching. A dental prophylaxis and biopsy of the ear flaps was scheduled.

Tissue Biopsy of the ear revealed a condition called Cell Poor Vasculitis. This is an ischemic, immune mediated dermatopathy.

Pentoxyphylline (Trental) therapy was started 2/08. Initial response was fair. New ulcerated lesions of the feet and face developed. The addition of injectable corticosteriods seem to help the dermal inflammatory response.

Follow up:
12/08 - The pentoxyphylline and corticosteriod therapy was providing a declining response. It was decided to take another course of therapy.

2/10/09 - At that time we started the Veterinary Immune Tabs along with a hypo-allergenic canned food. Within two weeks she started to show a decrease in the inflammation of the face and ear flaps. The pentoxyphylline had been previously discontinued and the long term corticosteriods were tapered down and stopped.

3/10/09 - Sallie is gaining weight, feeling perkier, getting a healthier hair coat and most importantly her extremely painful, irritated and scarred ear flaps are markedly improved without any topical therapy. She still has some mild ongoing itchy dermatitis.

Using natural immunotherapy is a very safe and often very effective alternative therapy for autoimmune skin conditions. The focus is to first supply the broad array of nutrients required for proper immune function as supplied with the Veterinary Immune Tabs then allowing the immune active ingredients to calm or balance an immune system that is out of control. I like to use the Veterinary Immune Tabs as adjunctive therapy for many types of allergic dermatitis.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame

Starting therapy 2/10/09
Sallie 3/10/09 4 weeks therapy. Gaining weight, hair coat beginning to shine.
2/10/09 Right ear--Notice torn & folded ear flap margins, hyperpigmentation, redness and scale.
2/23/09 - Right ear decreased crusts, scale and redness, less painful.
2/10/09 Left ear notice scabs, crusts and scale.
Sallie 3/10/09 4 weeks therapy. Left ear--continuing to improve. Decreased scabs and regaining more healthy skin coloring.
2/10/09 Left ear -- notice torn ear flap margin, very sensitive and painful!
2/23/09 - 2 weeks therapy.
Left ear decreased crusts, scale and redness, less painful!
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