Improved Embryo Quality and Quantity

Improved Embryo Quality and Quantity. embryo-flush-case-6.3.2009Improved Embryo Quality and Quantity

Ken and Julie Tew own the Sutton Creek Cattle Company, a full-service Wagyu cattle ranch. Ken is the past president of the American Wagyu Association, and Julie is presently on the board of directors. The farm has a USDA-approved embryo quarantine facility approved for most countries worldwide, and they sell embryos worldwide.

They have been using Ramaekers Adult Immune Primer Immune Support in their operation since 2008 for stress management. They have experienced improved wellness in their cow-calf process. In the ET operation, they have seen the average number of embryos increase, and the embryo quality has dramatically improved.

Until using Dr. Ramaekers' reproduction protocols, they had never had a flush with 100% of number one quality embryos. Now, using Ramaekers Adult Immune Primer Immune Support, 100% #1's is more common than not.

Fertility Study with Ramaekers Livestock Product 6/3/2009 Takana - 143 Wagyu donor cow.
Using Ramaekers Adult Immune Primer Immune Support in our embryo production program, we have increased quality embryo recovery by 35%!

Update: Fertility study on 06/19/12 using Ramaekers Adult Immune Primer Immune Support on Takana – 143, a 7-year-old Wagyu donor cow. The flush results returned 53 embryos, of which 39 were #1 quality. Julie says they've never used a better product for Improved Embryo Quality and Quantity and have been more than happy with the results.

Julie Barnes
Sutton Creek Cattle Company LLC
Baker City, Oregon

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