Intestinal Lymphosarcoma


  • Natural Immunotherapy is an important part of patient support during chemotherapy

Patient: Ivan
Age/Sex/Breed: 7 year old neutered male Borzoi

Ivan had a prolonged history of weight loss and intestinal symptoms.

3/7/2007 - Abdominal ultrasound revealed an extraluminal mass at the iliocecal junction. Exploratory surgery demonstrated a mass transmurally invasive tumor of the intestinal tract extending through the intestinal wall and involving the mesentery.

Biopies indicated a transmurally invasive lymphosarcoma. Liver biopsies also revealed multifocal extensive involvement with widespread replacement of hepatic architecture by lymphosarcoma. In addition, the mesenteric lymph nodes exhibited moderate suppurative lymphadenitis with sinus histiocytosis and lymphoid hyperplasia.

The tumor was surgically removed 3/7/2007 and Ivan began chemotherapy along with administration of Veterinary Immune Tabs as an adjuvant therapy.

In March of 2007 Ivan weighed 67 lbs and exhibited severe lethargy, depressed affect, difficulty walking, depressed appetite and signs of pain.

Follow up:
4/8/2008 - After 1 year of treatment with Veterinary Immune Tabs as an adjuvant therapy the lymphosarcoma is in complete remission. Ivan weighs 110 lbs and exhibits significant improvement in overall health. See photos below.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

Ivan 3/7/2007 WT: 67 lbs
lbs Ivan 4/8/2008 WT: 110 lbs
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