Lymphocytic Leukemia

Patient: MaryJane

maryAge/Sex/Breed: 8 year old female Staffordshire/American Pit Bull Terrier


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic dermatitis

  • 5/6/2006 Lab tests revealed an elevated WBC and lymphocyte count, strongly suggestive of a lymphoblastiocc leukemia.
  • 5/6/06 WBC 154.0 (High) Lymphocytes 157320/Neutrophils 13984/Monocytes 1540/Eosinophils 1540 10/10/07 Lymphocytes 85% above normal WBC 50,500 Therapy

-- Began supplementation 10/12/2006 with VIT Professional 4 tabs/day

-- Follow-up 6/25/2008 Lymphocytes 37% above normal WBC 22,300 Assessment

-- MaryJane exhibited remarkable improvement on the VIT Professional I Tabs. Lymphocyte counts were reduced from 85% to 37% and have since remained manageably low.

MaryJane is on continued supplementation with VIT Professional Formula.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

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