Mastitis Study


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A somatic cell study was done on 26 chronic high somatic cows. Thirteen cows were randomly selected for the study group and 13 for the control group. Entry level testing conducted on 8/21/2003 showed that the control group had beginning average Somatic Cell Count of 1,854,811 and the treatment group had beginning Somatic Cell Count of 2,374,000.

Cows in the control group received standard mastitis protocols during the 60-day time period. The study group cows received one ounce of Ramaekers Livestock Stress Stable daily for three days on and three days off. This is a total of three cycles or a total of nine treatments. Somatic Cell Count testing was again performed on 9/18/2003. The control group experienced an increase of 10.5% while the study group experienced a decrease of 59.7%. This is a 70.2% improvement in somatic cell counts over the control group.

Nine of the treated cows returned to production while only one control cow recovered after heavy medication.


  • Using an OMRI Listed Immune support product can outperform drug therapy
  • Ideally, Immune support products like LSSS should be used as Prevention
  • There are Zero withdraw times with LSSS
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