Natural Pig Operation

Natural Pig Operation


A swine study was conducted on 300 sows at a natural pig operation. All of the pigs were raised naturally with no antibiotics or vaccines. Ramaekers Livestock Formula was administered on days 5 and 6 before breeding, increasing conception from 88% to 96%.

Ramaekers Livestock Formula, administered to pregnant sows 21 and 7 days before farrowing. This process increased litter size from an average of 10.7 pigs for controls to 11.2 pigs per liter for the treated sows—death loss for the control group: 12.17% compared to 2.7% for the treatment group.

Swine Study: Natural Pig Operation.

In a separate study conducted simultaneously

Derived from wholesome and organic sources, pig operation:

  • 599 sows: randomly assigned to a control group and
  • 619 sows: randomly assigned to a treatment group.

The treatment group received Ramaekers Livestock Formula. No pigs received antibiotics or vaccines. The treatment group pigs on the Ramaekers Formula Program had a final weight advantage of 14.7 pounds compared with controls.

Livestock Stress Pack

Livestock Stress Pack is a livestock and companion animal wellness product. This product provides animal health support during the stresses associated with birthing, performance, or travel.


Livestock Stress Pack provides essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics, mushroom extracts, and the immune power of transfer factor.

Transfer Factor Technology

Trust transfer factor technology to optimize immune system function. While many products use single rudimentary ingredients known to aid immune health, Ramaekers Nutrition delivers the only immune support products harnessing transfer factor supported by a unique, patented blend of essential nutrients and potent nutraceuticals. See our Mission.

Patented Formulas

Our patented formulas use transfer factor technology. These formulas are derived from a proprietary blend of bioactive peptides based on the synergistic effect of combining naturally sourced biologically active peptides (transfer factor).

These bioactive peptides are extracted from bovine colostrum and egg yolks. This blend combines unique plant-derived heteropolysaccharides, lactic acid-producing probiotics, and highly bioavailable micronutrients. Combining these immune active ingredients allows a dramatically enhanced immune response in equine health without side effects. For example, see Bovine ProductsCanine ProductsFeline ProductsEquine Products, and Other Livestock Products.

Unique Formulas

Our unique formulas help educate and boost the immune system for overall health and vitality. In short, immune education starts at birth and should continue throughout life with our patented products.

Ramaekers Nutrition’s products reflect a culmination of global research and clinical experience. Dr. Ramaekers is passionate about improving animal welfare. He is proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine (meet our veterinary team) and nutrition. Learn more about Ramaekers Nutrition.

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