Oral Malignant Melanoma


  • Natural Immunotherapy provided an economical option for these owners to prolong Gunner's life
  • Natural Immunotherapy offers another therapy option for pet owners that opt to not use chemotherapy and radiation following surgical debulking
  • Natural Immunotherapy started at time of biopsy and BEFORE surgical intervention can improve therapy outcomes
Photo taken after 3 1/2 months
on Vet-I-Tabs

Gunner, a 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer was presented in May of 2010 for a GOLF BALL sized mass in the mouth. A diagnostic blood profile was drawn and a surgical biopsy and debulking was scheduled.

The biopsy revealed a malignant melanoma

Veterinary Immune tabs were started on 6/10/10

Follow Up:
Besides dramatically slowing tumor regrowth, Gunner's overall physical condition and Quality of Life improved on Vet-I-Tabs. Gunner went on to live another 14 months for which his owners were very grateful!!

Attending Doctors: Drs. Mayer & Ramaekers

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