• Natural Immunotherapy in several cases of pancytopenia seems to be promoting a profound bone marrow response in ONE WEEK which is not expected with traditional drug therapy
  • Natural Immunotherapy started early in conjunction with traditional medications often will improve the clinical response in an otherwise unfavorable situation

Patient: Maze
Age/Sex/Breed: 9 year old male neutered DMH

Vaccines are current, mild ongoing gingivitis and prior sinusitis 2/8/08
Presented on 7/3/08 for physical exam and pre-anesthetic blood work for a dental prophylaxis.

7/3/08 - A CBC revealed a marked pancytopenia (bone marrow suppression). Blood chemistries and electrolytes were normal and a mild increased blood protein was noted.
7/3/2008 RBC 0.25 million WBC 1.84 thousand Platelets 83 thousand
7/10/2008 RBC 6.82 million WBC 11.22 thousand Platelets 313 thousand

Veterinary Immune Tabs, iron supplementation and clindamycin were started

Follow up:
7/10/08 - Recheck exam and follow up CBC revealed an unbelievable bone marrow response to the combined antibiotic and immune therapy. The owner reports that Maze is feeling much better. The owner has decided to continue oral immune enhancement supplementation based on his response to therapy.

In most clinical situations, we wouldn't expect the bone marrow to be able to respond in such a dramatic manner. But this is the type of response we commonly see when we add immunotherapy early in the course of traditional therapy.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bob McClung

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