• Natural Immunotherapy in several cases of pancytopenia seems to be promoting a profound bone marrow response in 3 weeks which is not expected with traditional drug therapy
  • Natural Immunotherapy started early in conjunction with traditional medications often will improve the clinical response in an otherwise unfavorable situation

Patient: Shyby
Age/Sex/Breed: 7 year old female spayed DMH:

Prior History:
Not current on core vaccines, no ongoing medications or prior conditions.

12/19/07 - Presented loss of activity. Physical exam revealed a fever of 103.5, dehydration, pale membranes and icterus. Possible cause would include hemobartonella (a blood parasite), bone marrow disorder & liver disease.

12/19/07 - Complete Blood cell count revealed profoundly low white & red bloods cells and low platelets. Mild liver enzyme elevations were noted along with a very elevated total bilirubin.
12/19/07 RBC 0.63 million WBC 0.44 thousand platelets 51 thousand

12/28/07 RBC 6.08 million WBC 10.83 thousand platelets 599 thousand

Therapy: Veterinary Immune Tabs, Denamarin (liver support), antibiotics and an iron supplement.

Follow up:
12/28/07 - Shyby was very much improved today. Recheck cell counts revealed a dramatic improvement for all three cell lines that were affected.
1/11/08 - Shyby continued to improve. Liver values returned to normal.

Assessment: Initiating early immunotherapy along with standard therapy protocols continues to allow our patients to have enhanced clinical recoveries.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bob McClung

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