• Profound Bone Marrow Regeneration in less than 2 weeks!!

Patient: Pokey
Age/Sex/Breed: 11 year old spayed female Basset Mix

Prior History:
Pokey has experienced some ongoing allergic dermatitis.

Current History:
Scheduled to have several dermal cysts surgically removed.

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2/28/08 - Routine pre-surgical tests (CBC, EKG, Chem Screen) revealed a marked pancytopenia.
Rickettsial screen was negative. Bone Marrow biopsies were declined at this time.
WBC 0.27 RBC 1.47 PLT 38,000

2/28/08 - Started Veterinary Immune Tabs 1 tab/day, doxycycline 100mg twice daily

Follow up:
3/10/08 - Pokey is doing very well. CBC has returned to normal indicating a
healthy bone marrow response to therapy.
WBC 6.67 RBC 8.77 PLT 478,000

3/13/08 - Pokey continues to do well. Laser surgical removal of the cysts was performed following normal pre-surgical blood work.
WBC 6.50 RBC 7.51 PLT 329,000

A profound bone marrow response is commonly witnessed using the Veterinary Immune Tabs for cases of bone marrow dysfunction. Pokey response in less than 2 weeks we found quite amazing and very satisfying for her owners. I've had several other cases with such a marked positive bone marrow response. See Smokey, Shyby & Maze in the feline case studies section for other examples of bone marrow response.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bob McClung

Pokey - Click here to view labs

Pathology Report
Labs - 02.28.08
Labs - 03.10.08
Labs - 03.13.08

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