Pemphigus Foliaceus


  • Natural Immunotherapy is an effective option for canine autoimmune conditions of the skin
  • The Immune Modulatory effects of the Veterinary Immune Tabs are often noticeable within 3 to 4 weeks

Patient: Troon
Age/Sex/Breed: 9 year old male Australian Shepherd

Troon presented as restless and itching excessively with severe dry crusts and ulcers on the bridge of the nose and hair loss on the rump & groin. The facial lesions were indicative of pemphigus foliaceus an immune-mediated skin disease involving inappropriate immunological attack against one of the normal layers of the skin.

The owner declined skin biopsies and preferred trying some natural therapy first.

The veterinarian recommended Veterinary Immune Tabs and after roughly 30 days of supplementation, the nasal ulcers had improved dramatically. Troon continued to take Veterinary Immune Tabs and at a reassessment 6 months later Troon’s condition was nearly resolved.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Joseph Ramaekers

Troon: End of June 2003
3rd Week of July 2003
December 2003
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