Pemphigus Foliaceus


  • Natural Immunotherapy offers an effective therapy option for autoimmune conditions of the skin
  • Immune modulation is understood to balance the effects of cell-mediated and antibody-mediated immune system activity
  • Natural Immunotherapy is a safe, effective and easy to administer therapy option

Patient: LadyBug
age/breed/sex: 10 month old Quarter Horse Filly

LadyBug was presented at 10 months old with signs of chronic illness, significantly retarded growth and generalized unthriftiness. She was the size of a 5 month old filly. Her prior veterinarian had diagnosed her with the autoimmune disease of pemphigus foliaceus via skin biopsy over her withers.

Internal medicine specialist state that 90% of horses diagnosed with pemphigus die or are euthanized within one year of diagnosis. Ladybug had visited Texas A&M Veterinary College. The therapies offered there were unsuccessful and she was sent home with a very grave prognosis.

2/13/2002 - After consulting with Dr. Ramaekers, the owner decided to start Transfer Factor Performance and Show without any other steroids or immunosuppressive medications.

Follow up:
10/26/2002 - Within a few weeks, Ladybug showed significant improvement in her clinical symptoms and physical condition. Lady is normal sized for her age now and continues to grow and develop at a healthy rate.

Attending Veterinarian: Dr. Joe Ramaekers

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