Spindle Cell Tumor



  • Natural Immunotherapy can strengthen the body's immune capability to result in shrinkage and regression of aggressive connective tissue tumors
  • Natural Immunotherapy is an important therapy option for geriatrics battling tumors that anesthesia and surgery would be contraindicated

Patient: BJ
Age/Sex/Breed: 14 year old Bouvier

1/16/2007 - BJ was presented with a firm SQ mass located on the proximal caudal aspect of the left thigh measuring roughly 4cm x 1.5cm x 1cm. BJ had additional health problems including cauda equina syndrome, bilateral hock Degenerative Joint Disease, chronic left sinusitis, hypothyroidism, numerous benign SQ and dermal masses, sporadic epileptic-like seizures, and a mild stroke following an anesthetic procedure 6/2006.

A fine needle aspirate revealed a mesenchymal tumor. Surgery was contraindicated due to BJ’s previous post anesthesia complications and current ongoing neurologic episodes of weakness and disorientation.

The treating veterinarian recommended aggressive immunotherapy with high dose Veterinary Immune Tabs. After 3-4 weeks of Veterinary Immune Tab supplementation the mass began to regress.

Follow up:
6/27/2007 - BJ succumbed to neurologic disease. Measurements showed marked regression down to less than 1.0cm x 0.5cm x 0.6cm. BJ was a wonderful companion and is missed by all who knew him to this day.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame

bj“With the ability of the Veterinary Immune Tabs to assist the body in combating tumor growth, as demonstrated in the case, is the reason that I incorporate this unique supplement as an adjunct to other methods of treating tumors. I know of no other product on the market that can shrink tumors like this product with no side effects!! Used pre-surgically, it aids in tumor shrinkage and makes surgical resection much easier. Considering the incidence of cancers in older canines, I recommend the Veterinary Immune Tabs as a valuable Preventative Health & Wellness Supplement.”
-- Dr. Bill Burlingame DVM

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