Splenic Hemangiosarcoma


  • Profound Bone Marrow Response!!
  • Natural Immunotherapy can be used to strengthen the pre-surgical patient
  • Natural Immunotherapy offers another level of patient support often over looked in current veterinary tumor therapy protocols

Patient: Toby
Species: Terrier Mix Age: 13 years

11 pound spleen mass (33% of total body weight) was successfully removed.

Dramatic Bone Marrow Response!!

4/2/10 RBC 2.97 Million WBC 5.24 thousand PLATELETS 97 thousand

4/22/10 RBC 5.5 Million WBC 7.24 thousand PLATELETS 345 thousand

4/02/10 - Toby was presented for examination of a markedly distended abdomen. Radiographs confirmed our suspicion of a spleen tumor. Toby was in a very debilitated condition with significant muscle wasting and difficulty breathing due the size of the abdominal mass.

Veterinary Immune Tabs were started that day. The therapy goals were to:
1) Improve the red cell and platelet counts
2) Enhance the immune response in a highly stressed patient
3) Potentially shrink or slow tumor growth
4) Support post-surgical healing.

4/22/10 - In less than 2 weeks pre-surgical blood work revealed an amazing improvement in the cell counts. An 11 pound spleen mass (33% of total body weight) was successfully removed. Biopsies confirmed a malignant hemangiosarcoma.

6/27/10 - Toby is flourishing and has gained back 8 pounds. Post-surgical healing was completely uneventful. His owners are extremely happy and will continue his Veterinary Immune Tabs for preventative purposes.

Toby survived another 18 months without post-surgical chemotherapy when she succumbed to congestive heart failure.

Attending doctor: Dr. Bob McClung

Marked muscular wasting and
severe anemia
Started Vet. Immune Tabs
Current Update as of 8/12/10
Toby is thriving and increased her
body weight to 34# from a post-op weight of 25#
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