Squamous Cell Carcinoma


  • Natural Immunotherapy offers an effective therapy option for difficult ocular conditions
  • An atypical corneal lesion and associated eyelid inflammation resolved with only oral immunotherapy

Patient: Zboy

age/breed: 18 y/o 1/2 Arab

1/2013 - Zboy's owner noticed a purulent eye discharge with crusty debris on the lids. The owner cleaned with saline and applied an OTC eye ointment which seemed to help.

2/2013 - Several weeks later Zboy's owner noticed a raised bump on the upper cornea.

3/2013 - On the first veterinarian's exam there was concern for a potential corneal tumor. 1% fluorouracil was prescribed but administration was difficult.

5/15/2013 - At this point there had been a very poor response to the topical therapy and removal of the eye had been scheduled. At this point Ramaekers Equine Immune Formula was started.

6/14/2013 - Within 4 WEEKS there had been almost COMPLETE REGRESSION!! Also the prior lid swelling and inflammation had resolved without topical therapy.

8/7/2013 - Post therapy corneal cytology's were collected and revealed ZERO atypical cells.

11/4/2013 - Still in COMPLETE REGRESSION and feeling great.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Jason Lamb

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