Thyroid Tumor


  • Natural Immunotherapy offers another mode of tumor therapy when chemo, radiation or surgery aren't options
  • Natural Immunotherapy is very safe and economical when compared to traditional therapy options

Patient: Choco
Age/Sex/Breed: 12 year old, male Chocolate Lab

Prior History:
Choco had been examined on 3/05/08 at a local veterinary hospital for difficulty swallowing and a mass under the neck. The mass was firmly attached to the larynx and measured approximately 4cm. A excellent diagnostic work up was performed at that time. A fine needle biopsy of the laryngeal mass revealed a thyroid tumor. An oncology consult and/or surgical therapy was declined by the owner due to Choco's age.

Current History:
Now almost one year later, Choco was presented to me with the ongoing thyroid mass and a lick granuloma on his right paw. The mass now measures 8cm X 5.5cm and is firmly attached to the larynx on 3 sides. The owner was very interested in some natural immune therapy to help his dog.

Prior fine needle aspirates revealed a thyroid tumor.

1/26/09 - We started the Veterinary Immune Tabs
2/09/09 - The thyroid mass had also shrunken down to 7.5cm X 4.5cm in just two weeks!
He had a lick granuloma on his right front paw that had also shrunken some to 2.5cm X 3cm.
3/09/09 - The thyroid mass had continued to shrink down to 4.5cm X 3.5cm! This is almost a 50% regression in size in just 7 weeks. The lick granuloma is continuing to soften and feel less inflamed.

Using the Veterinary Immune Tabs in cases like this gives me another therapy option not available in any other supplement or medication. Immunotherapy can help resolve chronic and previously untreatable conditions while at the same time markedly improving the General Wellness level of the patient. I use these supplements in almost all of my geriatric patients. I find that owners are very interested in providing their pets with a natural therapeutic option when other means of therapy are not possible.

Attending veterinarian: Dr. Bill Burlingame

Started therapy 1/26/2009 Front view: notice swelling protruding under right side of chin. Thyroid mass measured 8cm X 5.5cm.
1/26/2009 Right front foot: Chronic lick granuloma measuring 3cm X 3cm
3/9/2009 After 7 weeks of therapy-- thyroid mass measures 4.5cm X 3.5cm Almost 50% regression!!
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