Embryo Quality Characteristics

Embryo Quality Characteristics from Superovulated Cows treatment with Nutrition Horizons Nutrition Factor Immune Product (NHNFI) G.H.L. Marquezinia, V.R.G. Mercadantea, M.M. Wardb, A.R. Spellc, J. Carterc, N. Paton, G. C. Lamba aNorth Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Marianna, … Read More

Mastitis Study

KEY POINTS: SOMATIC CELL COUNT REDUCTION OF 59.7% OMRI Listed Product A somatic cell study was done on 26 chronic high somatic cows. Thirteen cows were randomly selected for the study group and 13 for the control group. Entry level … Read More

Central California Dairy Cattle Trial

KEY POINTS: 100% Reduction in Calf Mortality Improved Milk Production Reached Breeding weight 2 months earlier OMRI Listed Product This study took place in Oakdale, California with two dairys located 5 miles apart. Both operations have very similar genetics, use … Read More

Equine Strangles Study 2004

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can potentiate the clinical effects of antibiotic therapy by improving cell-mediated immunity Enhanced Cell-Mediated immunity can more effectively penetrate abscessed & granulomatous type tissue History: This ranch in Eastern Washington has been battling strangles for years. … Read More

Cushing's Disease

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy offers another effective therapy option for this condition Immune Modulation seems to address this hormonal condition on a much broader scale than drug therapy Patient: Karagen Age/Breed/Sex: 25 year old Arabian Gelding History: Karagen suffered from … Read More

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

KEY POINTS: Natural Immunotherapy can help enhance immune system activity to address growth a typical cells Natural Immunotherapy is safe, economical and easy to administer Patient: Scribble Age/breed: 12 year old Paint History: 2/7/2007 - UC Davis Veterinary College diagnosed … Read More

Pigeon Breast

PIGEON BREAST/PIGEON FEVER/FALSE STRANGLES (Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis) KEY POINTS: Using Natural Immunotherapy can dramatically improve the outcome of conditions characterized by abscess formation Enhancing the effectiveness of cell mediated immunity is an important supportive therapy for deep abscessation Natural Immunotherapy can … Read More