Arthritic Hip

Arthritic Hip My Ivy has a bad hip due to arthritis. I have been giving her Complete+ Immune Support Powder, which has helped her arthritic hip. And I love that it’s all-natural! Complete+ Immune Support Powder Complete+ Immune Support Powder … Read More

Inoperable Lung Masses

Inoperable Lung Masses Our four 1/2-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer Crockett developed inflammation in his lungs, and CAT scans revealed two inoperable lung masses from unknown etiology.  Multiple hematology and cytology tests could not prove a definitive cause, thus limiting treatment … Read More

Bladder Infections

Bladder Infections I have used the Complete+ Immune Support Powder for many years. Tank had multiple bladder infections as a puppy. I learned about your product and immediately started my Tank on the immune supplement.  Thank You! She has never … Read More

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Remington is a good boy with separation anxiety who takes the Animal Stress Pack. He is a true gentle giant who loves spending time with my 11-month-old, and the Animal Stress Pack helps him relax. Animal Stress Pack Animal … Read More

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog from the Streets of Baltimore Jackson is a rescue dog from the streets of Baltimore, MD, who has never been claimed. We adopted him on April 3, 2012, and enjoy feeding him Complete+ Immune Support Powder. It keeps … Read More

Canine Gliomas

Canine Gliomas My 8-year-old Boxer, Lincoln, was diagnosed just before Christmas with seizures caused by a Glioma (malignant brain tumors usually found deep within the brain tissue). I was told canine gliomas were an aggressive tumor, and he might only … Read More