Cancer Experience

Dear Dr. Ramaekers and Associates,

I sincerely appreciate your assistance with my cat, LuLu. The Immune Chews helped her enjoy a quality of life during her cancer experience. Unfortunately, my cat passed away recently. However, I'd like to give credit to you for the help the Immune Chews provided. They allowed her to live about two years longer than my Vet expected! I'm also grateful to Dr. Bob McClung, who introduced us to the Immune Chews.

LuLu had a good quality of life throughout her cancer experience. She was a persnickety black and white cat that had a mask across her face. I'm enclosing her photo so you can see what a beautiful animal she was and very sweet most of the time.

Lulu's Testimonial. Vet Immune Chews, cancer patient.

We miss her dearly, but again, thank you for extending her life. She was close to turning five years old.



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