Vet Immune Chews


Vet Immune Chews was developed as a convenient and potent daily treat for puppies and kittens during their first year of vaccines. And, as a healthy treat, the Vet Immune Chews can be given to dogs and cats of all ages to build and maintain a healthy immune system.


Maintenance Formula Chews for Dogs and Cats

Vet Immune Chews begin enabling the development of a balanced and vigilant immune system, which can start at a very young age.

See our Complete+ Immune Support and Professional Vet Immune products powder or tablets for more potent immune products. We encourage you to review our suggested Dosing Guidelines.

Why Choose Ramaekers Nutrition?

Ramaekers Nutrition products enhance and support the immune system to help animals thrive. These products harness transfer factor technology to educate immune cells and enhance their function.

Transfer Factor Technology

Our transfer factor technology is derived from a proprietary blend of bioactive peptides extracted from bovine colostrum and egg yolks. This blend combines unique plant-derived heteropolysaccharides, lactic acid-producing probiotics, and highly bioavailable micronutrients.

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Our staff veterinarians have observed and documented excellent clinical responses in patients with acute and chronic health challenges. The synergy of this combination of ingredients enables “immune intelligence” (the body’s ability to recognize and remove harmful cells). Our formulas assist your pets in naturally producing an effective, rapid, and appropriate immune response. See Canine Results, Feline Results, and Companion Animal Studies.

Properly nourishing the patient is also mandatory to maximize the potential positive effect on immune function (see article on Canine Cancer). Dr. Ramaekers has always stressed organically sourced micro-nutrients and trace minerals.

Organic, Whole Foods

Dr. Ramaekers’s research and field studies over the last 50 years have revealed the importance of a balanced ingredient formula sourced from organic, whole foods, and other natural sources that will deliver the best clinical results. He was one of the pioneers in studying the beneficial effects of glucosamines and chondroitins in animals.

His recent research has emphasized the importance of high bio-availability trace and micro-minerals in facilitating the intra-articular effects of the most commonly used natural anti-inflammatories and chondro-protectives.

Immune Chews

The Veterinary Immune Chews is a convenient and potent daily treat for puppies and toy breeds. The chews support improved immune system response to vaccines when needed. They provide the important probiotics to populate the gut and deliver the wellness-building effects from our patented medicinal mushroom/yeast cell wall blend.

This chew is developed as a convenient single chew dose. The dose is for all body sizes of young and healthy dogs and cats while not near the potency of our other Immune Formulas. This product is designed to enable the development of a balanced and vigilant immune system from a very young age. Using the Immune Chews is the first step in "Setting the Stage for Wellness."

Veterinary Immune Chews - Maintenance Formula


  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Dermatitis~ Bacterial & Fungal
  • Allergies-respiratory & skin
  • Bone Marrow Dysfunction/Pancytopenia/
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Vaccine Response Enhancement
  • Improved Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Anti-Viral Effects
  • Stress-induced diarrhea
  • Degenerative Joint Disease/Arthritis
  • Tumor size Reduction
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Canine Cancers~ Benign & Malignant

In Summary

  • We advise starting natural immune supplementation early and continuing (in some manner) throughout life.
  • Remember, those periods of stress are times when illness is more likely to develop. Be sure to start or increase the dose of these supplements before the anticipated stressful event or period.
  • We suggest using one of our potent Immune Formulas early in therapy. The formulas can be used for almost any or all acute or chronic medical conditions.
  • These products are safe to use as a natural integrative supplement with most traditional drug therapy protocols. This is true for both dogs and cats.

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See below for some expanded information about the different formulas.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1.25 in

Cats under 8 lbs: Give 1/2 chew daily; Cats 8 lbs and over: Give one chew daily; Dogs: Give one chew daily.

About this Item

Each Veterinary Immune Chews Contains 30 – 3 g Chews.

Why Choose Ramaekers Nutrition?

Ramaekers Nutrition products provide immune system enhancement and support to help animals thrive. These products harness transfer factor technology to educate immune cells and enhance their function.

Proprietary Natural Veterinary Products

Ramaekers Nutrition is making extensive breakthroughs in animal health management. Its formulas can be administered as a natural catalyst to, or as an effective substitute for, traditional western medicine approaches to therapy and prevention.

Treating Animal Diseases and Syndromes

Multiple studies offer compelling efficacy data for Ramaekers’ Nutrition formulas producing safe, effective, fast-acting immune responses for companion animals and livestock. U.S. and International composition patents protect Ramaekers Nutrition products.

Allergen Information

None of the ingredients used in Ramaekers Nutrition contain common allergens such as wheat or gluten, fish or shellfish, nuts or seeds, dairy, eggs, soy, or sulfites. The dairy colostrum is extracted and refined to peptides with no allergenic properties.

Refund and Returns Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please return unopened products within 30 days for a full refund.

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