Cancerous mass on Basihyoid Bone

Heinrich was diagnosed with a large cancerous mass on his basihyoid bone in August 2023 (either osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma). It was too risky to do a biopsy or attempt surgical removal because it was so vascular. The surgeon said the basihyoid bone had been consumed by the mass; it wasn’t even visible on the CT scan. He said he’d never seen anything like it before.

We drove to Cincinnati (a 2-hour trip) every Monday for 6 weeks for radiation. The radiologist seemed to indicate six months of no growth and six months of slow growth would be a good outcome, but radiation would not cure it. Two weeks after radiation ended, around Thanksgiving, I was allowed to start giving him the Professional Immune Tabs. I discovered them while researching what else I could do to help him. My local vet had never heard of them, and neither had his radiologist. My goals for Heinrich were to be around for Christmas (he was), then a beach trip to Outer Banks (he enjoyed his beach walks), and now it’s for his 11th birthday in February (and hopefully many more!). He is doing GREAT.

He eats well, plays, runs around the yard, and looks very healthy. His blood work and urinalysis have all been normal (we check it every six months). I know the immune tabs are expensive for a dog of his weight, but I believe they have significantly impacted his life and vitality. He doesn’t look or act like a sick dog. Most people are so surprised when I tell them his story.

Featured pet, Heinrich. Cancer patient.Thank you, Dr. Ramaeker and team!

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