Immune Enhancement for Health

Immunotherapy is a new field in medicine. It is the education and upgrading of the immune response. This is accomplished with a line of oral products that are organically sourced. . The upgrading of the immune system is so dramatic that we are able to treat problems which before no known treatment. Immunotherapy is accomplished by using very small molecules, called Transfer Factors that are readily absorbed from the gut. These chemical messengers are the very top messengers of our immune system. They help identify diseases, turn on and control our immune response. This group of molecules works by educating and stimulating the natural killer cells. These are the cells defending us from bacterial and viral infections. These immune molecules also control this response so our defenses don’t injure the host. When Ramaekers Immune Formulas products are combined with good management, vaccines, and other medicines we can open doors closed to us with conventional medicine approaches.

At this time we have very few “goat approved” drugs, antibiotics, or vaccines available. The use of immunotherapy helps to fill the medication void. These products also work synergistically with our regular antibiotics. There are two basic products: Newborn Immune Primer non –ruminating for kids under 8 weeks of age and Adult Immune Primer for ruminating animals.

Uses include:


  • Pre-breeding use enhances conception rates, decrease bacteria that can cause abortion when coupled with pre-breeding program. Use 1 oz Day 7, Day6 prior to breeding . University of Florida study for ET work improves conception and egg quality by 58%.


In Billys improves semen quality use Day 1 and Day 2, 90 days prior to breeding season, then repeat at 15 day intervals. Enhances semen concentration and increases semen volume three to four times.

ET protocols increase number of eggs produced, increase quality of eggs 58% and improved implantation rates 14% (conception).


  • Pre-kidding use improves quality of nanny’s colostrums, decreases bacteria and viruses in nanny’s body. Allows the nanny to perform better as a mother. Use 1 oz Day 7, Day 6 prior to kidding.
  • Post kidding: small ruminants 1 teaspoon Day 1 and Day 2 orally to kid to educate its immune system to 3000 pathogens.
  • Growth promoting given Day 15, Day 30, Day 45, Day 60 continues with immune support and disease prevention and health which increases size and growth rate for breeding and show stock.NFI helps these animal to reach their genetic potential.




  • Protection during hauling stress to help prevent shipping and respiratory disease. Great for show animals.
  • Enhancement of treatment-used with antibiotics to treat mastitis, abscesses, sore mouth, pink eye (chlamydia) only treatment for pinkeye.


Caseous lymphadenitis is a bacterial disease caused by the Corynebacterium species of bacteria that has no know successful treatment or vaccine that produces good results. That is until we started using the Ramaekers Immune Primer products. We have control programs for this chronic problem in small ruminants. It has worked in approx 30 flocks to date.

Chlamydia-Eye Infections (Pink Eye) are bacterial infections sometimes associated with viral infections. The disease causes a cloudy eye and often blinds the affected animal. These usually respond slowly to treatment or not all. When treatment has been coupled with Immune Primer products, we have cleared 100% of the eyes affected.

Gangrene Mastitis is a severe and often fatal bacterial infection that affects does soon after kidding. Historically this has been called blue bag. We have treated many cases coupling Immune Primer and aggressive antibiotic therapy. In a high percentage of cases, the does survive and will actually slough off the affected blue-black tissues.


Immune support using the patented Immune Primer Products helps the animals immune system to perform at peak level. In today’s small ruminate production when the potential for new products, vaccines, and antibiotics is low immunotherapy can help us become more efficient and have a more financially stable industry.



  • Prevent contamination of feed and water with fecal material
  • Keep pens clean and bedded
  • Deworm and vaccinate systematically
  • Check fecals several times per year.
  • Use Immune Primer products to enhance health, enhance response to meds, promote growth and performance
  • Use goat appropriate minerals or cattle minerals that have proper copper levels.
  • Use pasture rotation: good fencing and chargers make it easy “Premier” fencing
  • Strategic worming plans and coccidia prevention will put you on the road to health and performance.


These testimonials and case studies are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for consulting your local veterinarian. Rather, they offer the reader information written by pet owners and/or veterinarians concerning animal health and products that have shown results.