Goat Facts

COMPLIED BY DR. BOB McCLUNG: First tamed by humans 9-10,000BC Member of the cattle family 210 breeds with 450 million worldwide (4-6% in USA) China has the most goats at 170 million Goats’ eyes are rectangular in shape instead of … Read More

Caseous Lymphadenitis

(Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis) KEY POINTS: Using Natural Immunotherapy dramatically improves the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy OMRI Listed Immune Supplement Enhancing the effectiveness of cell mediated immunity is an important supportive therapy A 4 year old crossbred ewe was presented with a … Read More

Goat & Sheep Case Studies

These testimonials and case studies are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended to endorse any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for consulting your local veterinarian. Rather, they offer the reader information written … Read More

Runtbuster 2009

RUNTBUSTER 2009 Trial 1 Total # Pigs in Study: 110 Treatment group avg. weight gain advantage at weaning: 1.41 lbs Treatment group avg. weight gain advantage at 65 days: 3.93 lbs 0 Deaths Treatments: 10 Deaths Controls Controls: Total # … Read More

Swine Study

SWINE STUDY: NATURAL PIG OPERATION A swine study was conducted on 300 sows at a natural pig operation. All pigs were raised naturally with no antibiotics or vaccines. Ramaekers  Runtbuster was administered on day 5 and 6 before breeding and … Read More