Inflammation and Discomfort

image42Ruger is a half Golden Retriever, half German Sheppard mix and currently 13.5 years old. When she was 8, x-rays showed her arthritis in her rear legs and tail. She was prescribed Tramadol for the inflammation and discomfort. When she turned 11, a tumor was detected on one of her adrenal glands and another on her spleen. Both tumors were successfully removed, but her gland and spleen also had to go. Luckily, both tumors were benign.

Ruger seemed to recover from the surgery, but not long after, x-rays reflected bowel inflammation. It was apparent she was getting uncomfortable, and her disposition became dreary. Before surgery, Ruger weighed about 80 lbs. and a few weeks following surgery, I couldn't get her weight above 67 lbs. I was afraid she was going to waste away. I took her off the Tramadol and went to visit Dr. Ramaekers. He started her on Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs and Vet Immune P Powder for joint pain. She had a remarkable recovery that took less than two months, and she has continued to be a consistent 82 lbs. for the last 2.5 years.

Ruger is the picture of health. Her coat is shiny and thick; she no longer has bowel inflammation; she moves well, appears pain-free, and is really happy and silly. These products have prolonged her life and given her a true quality of life. I am so grateful to Dr. Ramaekers!

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