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Lito's warts are now entirely gone, and his apparent radiant health is well-maintained with your supplements. He has clear eyes, a great smell, a shiny coat, sweet breath, and only occasional limping (slipped hock) due to hyper-exertion. His physical stamina is quite remarkable, and his muscle tone is improved and impressive.

I tried to take him off your Veterinary Immune Tabs supplement last month, but he developed Giardia quickly, so I put him back on a total daily dose. I plan to keep him on it indefinitely in addition to green tripe.

Cherry is on a prophylactic 1/2 dose of the Pain Management formula 4 times weekly and doing remarkably well. I have no doubt she is now healthy and will remain on the raw diet. Thank you so much for your excellent products. I saw results immediately in both of my dogs.

Featured Pets, Cherry and Lito

Cherry, the pitbull mix (left), was adopted from Grateful Dog Rescue in San Francisco at 6 months.

She was born into a litter of puppies that belonged to a squatter in a housing complex in SF. Cherry's mother was a very undernourished pitbull, and they were living in human refuse 2 feet high. The underweight pups were abandoned by the squatter when the police arrived. Subsequently, the litter was brought into ACC at about the age of 3 weeks, where they all developed parvo immediately. A few puppies died.

Cherry survived and was so highly hyperactive they waited to place her in a home until she was six months old.

I was lucky to get her at six months of age. She had mild demodex mange and a front leg limp within one week of finishing her puppy immunizations. At about a year old, she lost all of her fur and was highly itchy for months. I placed her on a grain-free BARF diet, and her health stabilized quickly for a few years. Not realizing yet that Cherry was vaccine reactive, we mistakenly revaccinated her for a second time at three years old. All of her joints swelled up, and she began to limp again. Additionally, she developed another rash and mild fur loss. After about nine acupuncture treatments, Cherry's overall health improved once more.

After four continuous years on the BARF diet, Cherry looked healthy and stable. Despite her healthy appearance, she was still bothered by occasional bouts of skin rashes brought about by hot weather. The rash was often accompanied by severe itching. Cherry also retained a persistent right front limp.

Frustrated and worried by these persistent symptoms of poor health, I started giving her Professional Veterinary Immune Tabs.

I knew the tabs were designed for very sick dogs and suspected Cherry might improve immediately due to having relative health, the BARF diet, steady exercise, and youth on her side. I figured that Cherry's immune system was still not quite right from a combination of her mother's malnutrition, poor genetics, and vaccine toxicity. Cherry's skin bumps (pustules) disappeared within two weeks of taking Veterinary Immune Tabs and never returned. She has been rash/itch-free for 1.5 years and has not had another bout of fur loss. We even moved our home to a much hotter climate, and Cherry was fine!

The Veterinary Immune Tabs also seemed to eliminate her limping almost completely - when I take Cherry off the Veterinary Immune Tabs, her limp is more pronounced! After 1.5 years on Veterinary Immune Tabs, Cherry has radiant fur, endless energy, and almost no limp. We will be lifelong Veterinary Immune Tabs consumers. Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic product.

Lito, the Belgian Malinois (right), was adopted from a breeder at seven weeks old.

He was the only surviving puppy of his litter, and his mother had mastitis. In my opinion, he never really thrived as a puppy health-wise.

Lito had a dull coat, poor appetite, three times of giardia, chronic loose stool, stomach problems, and two rear slipped hocks, which caused occasional limping. He always had a little gunk coming out of his eyes and smelled "doggy." At seven months old, I put him on a temporary diet of solely raw green tripe, and most symptoms disappeared quickly.

At nine months, I transitioned him to a proper BARF diet, and his health stabilized even more.

Lito's slipped hocks remained, though, along with occasional giardia and two bloody warts on his shoulder/chest. Overall, though, Lito looked much better than he did as a puppy, but his warts still worried me, and I wondered what was going on inside his body that I couldn't see.

Finally, I put Lito on Veterinary Immune Tabs, and he has dramatically improved over the last six weeks!

There isn't any goop coming out of his eyes any longer. His residual "looser than ideal" stool, despite being on a raw diet for years, disappeared completely within 2-3 days. Lito's stool is now dark, hard, well-formed, odor-free, and normal-looking for the first time ever. His stool now looks like what a raw-fed dog's stool should look like. His 3+-year-old bloody warts, both huge, shrank down to 3/4 of their original size within two weeks and are now almost gone. Lito's coat is shinier and redder and shedding much less. His body odor is gone. His nails are growing at 2x the rate they used to, and he is limping much less.

Lito hasn't thrown up since he started taking Veterinary Immune Tabs, and his appetite is much better. Lito's recovery seems nothing short of miraculous to me. Your product greatly exceeded my expectations in this instance. Again, we will surely be lifelong Veterinary Immune Tab consumers. Thank you so much for helping Lito and Cherry. I will keep you posted on Lito's progress in a few months, and you may post the update.

When are you going to develop a similar product for humans? That's the obvious next step...

Since this post, we have developed supplemental health products for human consumption.

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