Swine Study

swinestudyA swine study was conducted on 300 sows at a natural pig operation. All pigs were raised naturally with no antibiotics or vaccines. Ramaekers  Runtbuster was administered on day 5 and 6 before breeding and increased conception from 88% to 96%. Ramaekers Runtbuster Formula was administered to pregnant sows 21 and 7 days before farrowing and increased litter size from an average of 10.7 pigs for controls to an average of 11.2 pigs per liter for the treated sows. Death loss for the control group was 12.17% compared to 2.7% for the treatment group.

In a separate study conducted at the same time derived from wholesome and organic sources pig operation, 599 sows were randomly assigned to a control group and 619 sows were randomly assigned to a treatment group. The treatment group received Ramaekers Runtbuster Formula. No pigs received antibiotics or vaccines. The treatment group pigs on the Runtbuster Program had a final weight advantage of 14.7 pounds compared with controls.

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