The Dreaded C Word

In February of 2022, Lilah turned 11 years old, and at that time, we found out she had Cancer. She had a large Kiwi-sized tumor removed from her front ankle area. We had thought it was just one of her many fatty tumors and figured it best to remove it before it messed up her walking. Much to our surprise, it was “soft tissue” cancer. That’s all we were told, that, and “you might want to consult an oncologist, but we think it is best to remove her leg.”

Featured Pet, Lilah. The dreaded C word, Cancer.

The Dreaded C Word, Cancer

You instantly get this knot in your stomach when you hear the dreaded C word, Cancer. Whether for a human loved one or a furry one. That knot stays as you research the options. One of the first things I did was notify Lilah’s vet and her chiropractor, and both were devastated to hear the news. Lilah had a huge scare three years earlier when we determined that she had a 13lb tumor attached to her spleen. Most of the time, it's Cancer, but Lilah dodged the bullet. It wasn’t Cancer. She had the tumor and spleen removed with no ill effect.

Upon hearing of the diagnosis of “soft tissue” cancer, her chiropractor immediately suggested I reach out to her longtime friend and holistic vet, Dr. Khalsa. Dr. K. reviewed the lab results and records and immediately recommended Ramaekers Vet Immune Professional Powder. I would mix the powder in yogurt 2x a day, and Lilah loved it. 

Unrelated to the “soft tissue” cancer diagnosis

Lilah was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia later that year. We upped the vet immune powder dose at the doctor’s suggestion and added several other holistic treatments to our plan. Two weeks shy of her 13th Birthday, Lilah passed away, but not from Cancer. There was NO SIGN of Cancer but from age-related nerve degeneration causing specific systems to fail.

Quality of Life

I genuinely believe that the doctors in her life and the vet immune powder played a considerable role in the quality of her life, extending her life and keeping two different cancers from progressing.

Ramaekers and a Healthy Lifestyle

We are set to adopt a one-year-old pup, Mandy. I intend to consult with Dr. K and, if applicable, start using Ramaeker’s products from day one in hopes of preventing future issues. 

Professional Formula for Dogs and Cats

Veterinary Immune Powder and Tabs is our professional veterinary immune product for dogs and cats. The powder and tabs are formulated for therapeutic use in animals as an adjunct to chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. Incorporate the immune powder and tabs into any holistic or Western medicine therapy plan.

The owner feedback is excellent when using our Professional Powder and Tabs Formula for cancer patients. This formula offers pet owners a viable alternative for therapy when chemo, surgery, or radiation is not an option. It also provides excellent nutritional and patient support when used adjunctively with traditional cancer therapy protocols.

Dr. Ramaekers’ Professional Powder and Tabs Formula addresses several areas of need in these critically ill patients.


  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Dermatitis~ Bacterial & Fungal
  • Allergies-respiratory & skin
  • Bone Marrow Dysfunction/Pancytopenia/
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Vaccine Response Enhancement
  • Improved Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Anti-Viral Effects
  • Stress-induced diarrhea
  • Degenerative Joint Disease/Arthritis
  • Tumor size Reduction
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Canine Cancers~ Benign & Malignant

The patented Transfer Factor and Medicinal Mushroom blend greatly improved immune function to help battle cancer on a cellular level. The medicinal mushrooms offer anti-angiogenic properties to help starve the tumor of its essential blood supply, improving cellular energy production(ATP) and lung oxygen absorption.

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