Ramaekers Nutrition Thoughts

Priming the immune system to respond appropriately to natural infection and antigens from vaccines is what the Ramaekers Nutrition Immune Modulating supplements are indicated for. Our studies in several species, found in the library section, reveal how vaccines given along with our supplements induce a quicker, higher and more long-lasting antibody titer. Immune modulation is a therapy concept of encouraging a more balanced immune response in the body. Up-regulating the immune cells as needed and just as important, down-regulating the immune response when needed. The Innate Intelligence of the body strives for this balance at all times. Our unique combination of ingredients allow this to happen without side-effects.

One of the main indications of our immune supplements is to allow less overall numbers of vaccines yet providing the opportunity more long-lasting protection. Another indication for immunotherapy is to stimulate an appropriate immune response to vaccines and natural infection in the 10% to 20% of the population that are known as poor-responders that do not develop proper levels of protective antibodies. Our studies found in the Library section demonstrate that both of these actions do happen.

Also interesting is that when taking these types of immune active ingredients, we don't observe clinically any increased allergies or adverse reactions in either healthy or sick patients. These product are so safe that they are given newborns of all domesticated species.

So the message is, to improve the response to necessary vaccines, establish higher levels and more long-lasting levels of protection, need vaccine updates less often and improve protection against and response to natural infection it is advise to use Ramaekers Immune Formulas.