Beating BRD Loss by Leaps and Bounds

Strategically incorporating our natural Immune Primer Supplements into your management and vaccination program will decrease disease in your herd and earn you extra profits. Take a look at our Natural Beef Case Study to learn more.

Beating BRD has become easier with the addition of Ramaekers' Immune Primer products into your disease prevention and therapy program. Our laboratory and field studies have proven that our patented ingredients dramatically increase the immune system's speed of response and level of activity. We have proven that we can improve the immune response by over 400% with no side effects and stimulate the body to respond faster in the face of a disease challenge. The key to achieving these results is to strategically use our products at the typical stress windows observed in the livestock industry: calving, breeding, transporting and processing.

Stress is known to weaken the immune system but now there is answer to combat this age old problem. Priming and activating the immune cells is easy, safe and economical. We have developed several formulas to make it easier for you to administer our products at various stages of raising and processing cattle. Just remember to always start early before the stress window to get the best response.