Complete+ Immune Support Powder


Complete+ Immune Support Powder was developed as a daily supplement for dogs and cats.  Its patented formula with transfer factors, probiotics, and medicinal mushrooms helps build and balance a healthy immune system in your pet.


Complete+ Immune Support Powder. This comprehensive formula contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids, probiotics, and glucosamine with all the driving power of transfer factor and mushroom extracts. We encourage you to review our suggested Dosing Guidelines.

Maintenance Formula for Dogs and Cats

The Complete+ Immune Support Formula is our all-around product for dogs and cats of any age.

Complete+ Immune Support Formula contains all of the ingredients in the Professional strength but at lower concentrations. The ingredients offer numerous benefits to immature animals that need proper nutrition to build a healthy muscular-skeletal system. As a result, animals experience an improved response to vaccines. Plus, they exhibit an enhanced ability to fight off routine natural infections. And finally, they perform at higher levels as athletes.

Mature or more senior patients benefit from Complete+ Immune Support Formula with fewer aches and pains from arthritis, improved vigor, and enhanced surveillance for tumor cells later in life. The lactic acid-producing probiotic blend offers a potent, time-tested blend of beneficial bacteria. The beneficial bacteria are known to help modulate the immune response in the intestinal tract.

Immune Support Product Combination

The Complete+ Immune Support Formula and the Immune Chews Formula are great for highly stressed puppies, kittens, and adult dogs and cats.

Cortisol Reduction

Our studies document cortisol reduction in stressed animals. Using our patented products has broad practical applications in helping prevent stress-related disease conditions. For example, see Companion Animal Studies.

Reproductive Performance

Complete+ Immune Support Formula also enhances reproductive performance. Our studies in other species documented improved spermatogenesis and ovulation numbers. For example, see reproduction and fertility.

Pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians also observe and report the overall improved health of newborns, puppies, and kittens when given these immune supplements early in life.

Building a strong immune system early, or, as we say, "Setting the Stages for Wellness," equates to fewer health challenges in life. It also somewhat levels the playing field regarding genetic disease predisposition and lessens healthcare expenses.

Dental Infections

Using Ramaekers immune formulas early can also help manage troublesome dental infections. Complete+ Immune Support Formula keeps the level of immune surveillance in the oral cavity at an optimum level. Studies done on the human side showed a marked increase in salivary Immunoglobulin A (IgA).

Immunoglobulin is essential in fighting gingival infections in the oral cavity. It is well known that some 70% to 80% of dogs have some degree of gingivitis.

Immune supplements are an important part of any oral hygiene program. They aid the body in fighting an established oral infection. These supplements are safe and effective (when used along with traditional veterinary care) for advanced periodontitis.

State of Wellness

Most of all, we like to stress that the Complete+ Immune Support Formula is about the State of Wellness. Maintaining this state takes much less effort than regaining it after sickness develops. Complete+ Immune Support Formula provides the body with what it needs to function optimally. The powder is highly bio-available, which Dr. Ramaekers focuses on in his patented formulas.

Complete+ Immune Support Formula


  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Dermatitis~ Bacterial & Fungal
  • Allergies-respiratory & skin
  • Bone Marrow Dysfunction/Pancytopenia/
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Vaccine Response Enhancement
  • Improved Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Anti-Viral Effects
  • Stress-induced diarrhea
  • Degenerative Joint Disease/Arthritis
  • Tumor size Reduction
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Canine Cancers~ Benign & Malignant

In Summary

  • We advise starting natural immune supplementation early and continuing (in some manner) throughout life.
  • Remember, those periods of stress are times when illness is more likely to develop. Be sure to start or increase the dose of these supplements before the anticipated stressful event or period.
  • We suggest using one of our potent Immune Formulas early in therapy for almost any or all acute or chronic medical conditions.
  • These products are safe to use as a natural integrative supplement with most traditional drug therapy protocols for dogs and cats.

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Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Add to food daily. Dosage: Under 25 lbs. – 1/2 scoop – 25-50 lbs. 1 scoop – 50-100 lbs. – 1.5 scoops – Over 100 lbs. 2 scoops.

About this Item

Complete+ Immune Support Container Contains 60 – 8 Gram Scoops.

Why Choose Ramaekers Nutrition?

Ramaekers Nutrition products provide immune system enhancement and support to help animals thrive. These products harness transfer factor technology to educate immune cells and enhance their function.

Proprietary Natural Veterinary Products

Ramaekers Nutrition is making extensive breakthroughs in animal health management. Its formulas can be administered as a natural catalyst to, or as an effective substitute for, traditional western medicine approaches to therapy and prevention.

Treating Animal Diseases and Syndromes

Multiple studies offer compelling efficacy data for Ramaekers' Nutrition formulas producing safe, effective, fast-acting immune responses for companion animals and livestock. U.S. and International composition patents protect Ramaekers Nutrition products.

Allergen Information

None of the ingredients used in Ramaekers Nutrition contain common allergens such as wheat or gluten, fish or shellfish, nuts or seeds, dairy, eggs, soy, or sulfites. The dairy colostrum is extracted and refined to peptides with no allergenic properties.

Wellness & Support

Viral Conditions
Bacterial Conditions
Fungal Infections
Autoimmune & Immune Medicated Conditions
Feline Hyperthyroidism